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Upgrade from a VTR250 > bigger naked bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by vaggelis, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. hi all,
    ive been riding the much loved VTR250 for just over a year now and looking at upgrading in a few months. im a bit indecisive....

    im still on my P's but the list goes like so

    kawasaki ER6-N
    kawasaki Z750
    yamaha XJ6N
    yamaha FJ6N
    yamaha FZ1N

    ive sat on all these bikes at the bikeshop but havent riden any, my conclusion on comfort is

    ER6-N -nice , a bit ackward to sit on
    Z750 - ackward tank, stiff seat, a little bit ackward overall
    XJ6N - very comfy, feels a bit too small very similar to VTR250
    FJ6N - same as XJ6N
    FZ1N - perfect seating, positioning, love the style, and very very comfy , fits like a glove.

    the FZ1N was undoubtedly the best fitting, and i initially thought it would be a lot heavier but after rolling it and moving it from side to side, it actually felt very light to my surprise....

    ive heard that the FZ1N is a ferocious animal, my question is ... is this too much bike for me? i absolutely love the look of it and prefer it over the rest, but a little worried that going from a 250 it will be too hard to get used to. im a pretty sensible rider, although i ride mostly in the afternoons and weekends im nto much of a revhead (well i dont consider myself one anyway)

    id love some comments on this , as ive asked a lot of guys who have bikes and have been riding for years tell me different things .. such as

    dont go on a 1000 straight away
    then someone else told me not to even bother with the 600's and just get a 1000 if you can control yourself...

    please comment if uve upgraded from a 250 to a 1000 or 600 then 1000 and what your thoughts are on going from a 250 to a 1000....

    also if you own an FZ1N tell me what you love/hate about the bike

  2. There's only one bike that has the manoeverability of the VTR250 with the get up and go of a larger bike, and it's not on your list: The Street Triple 675. Anything else on your list will feel heavy and hard to steer in comparison. Don't make any decisions until you've done test rides, and make the 675 one of those. Arr stuff it, it's all wankery until you're off restrictions anyway. Enjoy your riding instead of stressing about what the next bit of metal's gonna be.
  3. A bike not on your list is the Yamaha XJR1300.

    Its a big naked muscle bike and has a pile of torque, feels nice and light through the twisty stuff, but wont try and kill you like a sports bike.

    Its a very comfortable bike to sit on, nice and upright, solid as a rock, handles a lot lighter than it looks, and is reasonably priced, ($13,500 i believe).

    The engine has been around forever, and upgrade of the old Yamaha 1200 motor, and has the added benefit of air cooling. The XJR has been fuel injected since 2007.

    I happen to have the 2007 model, after selling my GSXR600.

    For my money, worth every penny, not to everyone's taste, but worth a look.
  4. What Loz said. I gotta admit I don't like it at slow speed, just hits lock easy. But then I'm far from experienced.
    For my upgrade test they had fz600s and well the difference that extra 75ml makes is huge. But they do cost a wee bit more... Being quite a bit compared to others on your list.
  5. While realising you asked for naked bikes, I went from a VTR250 to a VFR800. The main difference fairing-wise is that you get a lot more helmet noise because of the windscreen.

    The most noticeable benefit is that with the 250 I would be wide open throttle and in third by the time I crossed an intersection, with the VFR I can still be in first and going a lot faster with a lot less fuss. Getting blown around in strong winds is a thing of the past. Be prepared for a lot more costs in rego, insurance, petrol and probably tyres!
  6. fz1n. stuff the 600's. go the propper bike. just treat it kind. it wont bike and you will be glad you didn't waste your money stepping up
  7. I'm with loz on the street triple

    If you are considering the FZ1N, why not the Z1000 and speed triple as well (or my personal 1l naked flavour of the month) the Brutale (I'd make babies with this bike if I could)?
  8. The z1000 looks totally awesome. I'd love to give one a ride. The Brutale is even more awesome to look at. Hell... I'd make babies with this bike if I could.

    But I have to agree with Loz about the Street Triple. And not just because I have one. :)
  9. just get an R1. you know you want to
  10. i would, but unfortunately i dont find the sports riding position comfortable.
  11. i dont like the look of the twin headlights, otherwise ive heard only good things about them.

    the dealer i went into didnt have the Z1000 although it is another bike i would definately consider! although it is a few thousand more than the FZ1N
  12. brutale = out of my price range
    Z1000= i went to check one out but the dealer didnt have any in stock (althoguh i read on/saw the new model , it looks freaken awesome!)
    Street triple = not a big fan of the twin headlights (although ive only heard good things about them)

    generally as you can see i want to buy a jap bike because ive been told over and over that they are the best on reliability( by mates who are bike mechanics)
  13. headlights are an easy fix - plenty of aftermarket stuff out there.

    Its woirth more because its better because its a kwaka :) :)

    Go team green!!!!
  14. sounds good! but i dont really like the look of that either - besides im thinking twice about the 1000 let alone getting a 1300??
    thank you for your comment though
  15. i know what you mean!! im not stressing though , im excited :) like a little kid in a candy store! should i get dark chocolate or white chocolate? or the jelly beans !!? ehheheheheh

    again like i said not really fussed about the power too much...

    thank you so much for your input, greatly appreciated
  16. Where's the drool smiley when you need one?!
    I was drooling over a 750 at my local Honda dealer yesterday as I went to pick something up at the parts counter. They are the Ferrari of bikes, IMO. I'm also regularly drool over, whilst staring with the facial expression of a dog taking a dump - you know, that far-off expression, at a 910R at one of the biker gear suppliers in Auckland.

    To the OP: I went from a 250 VTR to a 900 Hornet. The perfect first big bike IMO, if you are apprehensive, but still wanting to make the jump from 250 to the litre class. Very forgiving, but I think it was Loz that said: "the gentleman's hoon bike" or words to that effect. You will most probably want to upgrade the suspension and change the bars though.

    Also ,the CB1000R may be worth a look.