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Upgrade from a RGV to a Hayabusa?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RGVMAN, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. I know this is probably gonna open a can of worms but what are people opinions of jumping from the 2 stroke 250cc to the 4 stroke 1300cc monster?!?

  2. Go for it mate. Just know your own limits (Then push them) hope u have enough money to Insure the beast though.
  3. I went from a Honda 350cc inline four to an Ex-Superbike , which i beleave had more horsepower than my current 2001 GSXR 1000.

    It's up to you how fast you turn that throttle and a hayabusa is a beautiful bike to ride, the power delivery is very smooth and progressive.

    cheers ratty
  4. It's entirely up to the rider how that transition will happen, if you think you're ok with it then there's not a lot of point asking what anyone else thinks.

    But as TREPIDATION1000 said, make sure you can afford the insurance on it.
  5. If you would consider yourself very sensible... it would be ok...

    if you dont consider yourself sensible.... spend some time on a supersports 600 or or 750 first....

    One of the biggest problems is not so much the power, its the weight of the bike...

    Where you were able to hoon it into a corner pretty hot and still make it through a corner, you will now get into the corner and realise you are too hot and you cant slow the bike down...

    If you are not a sensible rider, im pretty sure you will do some serious damage to the bike in the first 3 weeks...

    Personally I am not a sensible person....... But the transition from a 600 would be fairly easy (ive ridden a few busas)...
  6. I would hazard a guess that your average annual tyre consumption may rise.
  7. The brilliant thing about the Busa and bikes of thet type, if you can have a wow of a time and still not get over 4000rpm.

    With the buckets of torque and the smooth delivery, they can be safe as houses. (But crazy as above 8000rpm).

    Just remember, It weighs about 80-100kg more than the RGV, so it wont stop like you think.
  8. I went from a 600 to a zx12r no problem.
    just remember every bike is different and you need to learn how it handles, most of all stops the busa is a big bike.
    I say go for it and have fun.
  9. RGV Dry Weight: 129 kg (284 lbs)
    Hayabusa Dry Weight: 215 kg (473 lbs)
  10. Insurance sounds like it would be alot! How much do you guys reckon?
  11. You are 23...... hmmmm.... You might have to pay a squillion...
  12. I reckon a Hayabusa would be a great power-tourer. Not the best choice for weeking canyon-carving unless you are used to taming a heavy sportsbike, but many folks can really rip up the twisties with them. Personally I'd rather a two stroke 125 for the spurs than a busa, but for long range rambling, it'd be heaven. Heaps of power on tap for overtaking, super streamlined for low fatigue at high speeds, good cargo options, long wheel base for high speed stability.

    If you just want to hoon around, and like dragging/burnouts whatever, it's your bike. But you may want a more versatile machine like a thou or even a 600.
  13. A mate of mine went from a CBR250 to a Hayabusa after a VERY short time on the 250. He took it easy (had to, no points left) and worked up to it, hasn't been a problem for him.
  14. I went from a GPX 250 to a GSX750f, I realise its nowhere near as powerful as the busa,but it weighs about 220 kg i think, so if you take your time getting used to the weight and dont go nuts on the throttle you should be fine.
  15. for all the reasons you mentioned dan i stayed the hell away from the hirebus when deciding on my power-tourer. Too heavy to shuffle around in the twisties and far too agressive to be remotely comfortable on very long days. And the screen and fairing don't really work as well as they could - it is far too much of a record breaker to be a useful jack of most trades on the road imo. I rated the zzr1200, k1200rs and 'bird (which i bought in 2001) way ahead of the hirebus. I doubt anything has changed on it since then. Fuel range wasn't that good either, nor were good cargo options when compared to givi bags on the zzr and bird, or the integrals on the bmw.

    I think people tend to get the bus for the look (or the image) or the straight line go - otherwise there is no reason to own a cheesecake over other options.