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Upgrade for the Missus

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Redmosquito13, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Hi folks,

    First post and it's not even for me! My wife will be on her full licence in late April, and she is currently riding a Ninja 300, a great little bike that she uses almost exclusively to commute to and from work.

    As she will soon be unrestricted for speed and bike type, I'm looking down the track at what she could upgrade to that would be more suited to doing some touring, as well as still being a good commuter.

    She's not a big girl, being 5' 3" and about 50kg, so bike weight and seat height are probably key parameters for a new bike. Even though she will be unrestricted I'm not counting LAMS bikes out, so the CBR500R is an option that I can see, considering that cruisers are not her thing.

    Any other bikes people would suggest?
  2. What colour does it have to be?
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  3. Instead of the CBR500R, what about the CBR650F?
  4. Her heights restricts the options a fair bit, and commuting and touring resticts things even more. I'll suggest two bikes from either end of the scale that maybe no one else will suggest.

    Suzuki Burgman 650 (yes it's a scooter, but a damn fine one)
    KTM duke 690
  5. CB400 ?? Only a mid size bike. Would certainly go well with just 50kg on it :). Why not just keep the little Ninja ??
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  6. Yes, I'd suggest keeping the ninja if it works for commuting. I have my doubts if weight should really be an issue. My Zthou weighs a heap, but we do ok bc you get used to how to handle it when pushing it around.
  7. SV650
    ER 6n
    Street triple
    KTM Duke 690

    Seat height won't be addressed on these but other than a cruiser, she is going to have issues with most modern bikes.
  8. got any pics?
  9. +1 philfromaccounting, the honda cb650f, or even the kawasaki Z800 or Triumph Street Triple if she likes them naked
  10. Ninja 300 seat height is 785mm, not much else non-cuiser style at that height unfortunately - Street triple, Ninja 650R (unrestricted and beware as seat heights vary with this one), GSX600F are all around the same height.

    Is she happy to go a bit higher, try seating her at 800mm and see how that goes as this will open up more options. My wife is roughly the same height as yours and is adament she doesn't want a higher seat. Lowering is also obviously an option.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. At the moment on her Ninja she is on the balls of her feet when walking the bike around, so a seat height of around 800mm is probably as high as she can go. Will have to investigate further re naked v faired bikes.
  12. Huh......With the title of the thread I thought you were getting replaced not the bike mate....... :)
  13. Lol. Well I'm realistic enough to know that I am batting well above my average.....
  14. Ha! Funnily enough, colour isn't the be all and end all for her. She has the black Ninja, but would have preferred the white one, and doesn't like the green.
  15. The new Ducati Scrambler looks very compact. The optional low seat is 770mm.
    BMW F800R low seat option is 770mm. R1200R factory low suspension is 750mm.