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Upgrade for 5K?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cossie, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. HI guys,

    Im looking to step up from the trusty old 250....but I'm on a budget of around 5k.

    The bike is used purely as a commuter - I never get time for any recreational riding but try to enjoy the bike on a daily basis :grin:

    was thinking of older ZX6R'r, ZX7R's, CBR600's etc etc as I would prefer a fully faired bike over the naked style but would consider anything.


    I'm just over 6' tall so it needs to suit a taller rider.
    I do a lot of k's so it has to be cheap to maintain and easy to source parts for.
    I lanesplit so it has to be manouvreable through traffic (no Goldwings thanks!!)

    It also needs to have lowish k's or be able to take higher k's wothout a problem. Also just how many k's are this type of bike good for? I assume the larger engine will last better than a 250?

    Any suggestions welcome. I know it will be suggested but I haven't had chance to go and sit on any yet, figured I'd get a few suggestions first.

    Ta :grin:
  2. Definitely consider the yzf600's - an excellent bike, comfortable, and usually cheaper than the ones you mention. The later yzf600's look sleeker / more modern than the older ones and if I were to buy one would look at those.

    In terms of k's - you can get up to around 80 000 without issue on 600's and 750's, then usually time for some serious maintenance (pull apart and rebuild). Although the engine can last 150 000 + if cared for.

    I found my yzf750r for just over $5000, but they are far and few between. If you can find one though they are excellent value (though more sport oriented than the 600's). (note: I upgraded from a fzr250 to this bike)

    I'd also consider a Hyosung GT650r - they sell new for around $9000, so perhaps can find someone with a 2+ year old one...
  3. Just had a quick look on bikesales and bikepoint but the YZF's seem to be a bit thin on the ground, especially under $5k :cry: I'll certainly bear them in mind if I come across one at the right price.

    There doesnt seem to be any Hyosungs in my price range either, which is a shame as i dont mind the look of the fully faired ones, and I expect the performance would be adequate for my needs too.

    Its currently looking like a GSXR600/750, CBR600 or a ZX6/7R unless anyone can suggest a better value bike for my needs or a reason not to buy one of the above.
  4. Cossie, what state u in?
  5. I think an early (F2/F3) cbr600 would be best suited, and are fairly reliable.

    You won't find any zx7r's for that sort of money, you might find early 90's gzx-r750's though. These two bikes are not good to commute on!

    The first gsxr600's can be had for around $6k, probably less on ebay, same goes for early zx6r's, although both will probably need some parts (bearings, etc) and tlc if they've done over 50k km's.

    Early cbr's will be cheaper as they're an older bike than the rest you've mentioned.

    There's some cheapish yzf's on bikepoint:

  6. Not all exactly what ur after but.
    Suzuki GS500E 2000 Model 12 months rego, good condition, $5200 ono, UUA-30 LEICHHARDT 0418-16 1944.

    HONDA CBR600 1996 black, yellow & blue, 12mths reg. XF-224, ECond, $5,200ono (03)97256157, (0412)042379, Croydon Sth.

    Suzuki GSXR750 1996 Blue white 6 spd 67640kms, regrettable sale UKC-96 excellent condition $5200 TORONTO 02-4959 8000 or 0402-484482.

    Suzuki GSXR600 1997 Classic 90's sports bike Yoshimura exhaust, low kms/3 months rego & tyres as new, WPT-52 good condition $5200 GREENFIELD PARK 0423-29 0171.

    and a lot more www.tradingpost.com.au
  7. YZF600 comes to my mind... Top notch bikes that can take a fair bit of abuse and use... (I'm just servicing my mates... which is used daly as transport)

    VFR750 also comes to mind... can't kill them, I know I tried may times..

    CBR600.. $ will determine what year and what condition... but there are always planty on offer...

    (Just a quick note My mate with the YZF is thinking of selling it this summer....)
  8. i can recommend the yzf600 - look for a '96 or later model (thundercat) as there were some fairly major changes to the earlier models - not least to the paint schemes(!) Very nice looking bike, i got mine for 5K on road and its done daily commutes, weekend fangs and even a track day in the couple of months i've had it. comfy and fast when required (no probs lane splitting). Easy to service (except getting the fairings off!).

    they look like this (my bike)
  9. PS has brand new GS500's for $6490. Surely you could get a not very old one inside your budget. Alternately, if you have a trade in you may be able to get a new one?
  10. Forgot to mention, I'm in Melbourne.

    I'll keep an eye out for VFR750's and YZF600's but it has to come in at 5k max INC RWC, Ill wear the cost of rego on top but would prefer it with rego.

    Pete let me know if you hear of anything around the traps that suits, or if you know anyone after a cheap FZR :wink:

    I'm not too worried about cosmetic condition but it has to be lowish k's and reliable as it will be my only form of transport and I rack up nearly 20000 k's a year commuting. I dont think the little FZR can handle that sort of mileage!