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Upgrade - Day 3 on the new bike, popped my first WHEELIE!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grrrl, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. :dance:

    A 2-second wheelie!!

    Got off restrictions on Monday... Rode most of Monday out through Noojee to Walhalla with Adam... then just commuted to and from work the last two days...

    Feeling pretty comfortable on the VFR already, I'm still learning the bike, but it's happening much faster than I thought it would...

    So last night, I was almost home, turned into my street, wound the throttle on a littler harder than I have previously and before I knew it, the front wheel was up in the air! Woohoo! \:D/

    I wasn't exactly trying to wheelie, although I did kind of wonder if it would...
  2. A popular day for birthdays! Many happy returns to you all :birthday:
  3. :LOL: did you post to the correct thread cruisingal?
  4. Damn you Flipper, I tried to delete but you had already replied :LOL:

    Must remember not to have so many topics open at once
  5. Back on topic (the right one :oops: ):

    Way to go Grrrl.....great feeling isn't it? :woot:
  6. Just make sure Loz isnt around Lenna otherwise that could be trouble ;)

    Congrats on the new steed!

  7. :grin: thanks!
  8. Wheelies? They're for suicidal maniacs. Where's that discalimer guy?

  9. well done Grrrl and doesn't the feeling just make you want to do it again? :grin:

    Oh yeah and how big was the smile on your face after you did it? :)
  10. :grin: <--- like this... for hours...

  11. 1st gear roll on wheelies should be fairly easy with the VFR. Smooth, predictable power delivery. But the bike is heavy with a soft suspension so watch out for tank slappers when you bring it back down. I have the same problem on my VTR. It brings the front up easily under power alone in first and reasonably easy with a little clutch in second but if you drop it down too harshly the forks bottom out horribly.
  12. congratulations lol
  13. So, should we take it that you are pleased not to have a cruiser anymore? :grin:

    Well done.
  14. indeedy!

    I still miss it, I had a ball on it... But this new toy takes my mind off it pretty easily! :grin:
  15. What are those maniacs thinkin! :LOL:

    Anyway, bring on 2nd and 3rd - clutchless changes? :cool: Kidding.
  16. Congrats on your first wheelie!
    i hope many more follow
  17. ahhhh nothing cooler than a chick poping monos :LOL: :cool:
  18. I just did my first 2 wheelies on my cbr250rr. They weren't big ones, but was smilin' for a long time after that
  19. O MY GOD its started.......and its only gonna get bigerr and longer and faster.................. [-( [-X :demon: