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Upgrade Advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by freddy b, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. hi, i have only been riding since 2010 and not more than a recreational rider--weekends maybe a weekday.

    my only bike has been a 250 cruiser and its been good. i waa looking at something with a bit more power for hills and something like 500cc.

    the budget is a bit tight and i have been looking and found a few suzuki volusia 800 bikes which are much more than i want but they are in my limited price range of about 5500

    my question is do you think its too big for a novice because smaller cruiser bikes are so much out of my price or difficult to locate
  2. Sit on one, test ride one. It wont be too powerful.
    It is heavy though, better see if you think you can stop it tipping over.
  3. Everyone will suggest you go out and buy a bike just like theirs.

    Except for hyosung owners...
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  4. well i have a 250 hyosung and it has been good for me to learn on. not worried about the weight but more about buying an older bike like 2002 because i cant do mechanical things. also the power, unfortunately there are not really 500 cc cruisers.

    i mean mine has been good but not so good going up hills like the gladesville bridge. i think i got used to the cruiser style and am happy with that.
  5. The power to weight is only just above LAMS requirements (disregarding capacity), shouldn't be an issue.
    Learn to do the real basics yourself; oil, brakes, chain and you'll save plenty of cash. Any bike can break down, just keep some cash in the bank for when it happens.
    Mine's an '02 also and has only needed routine servicing and a new exhaust gasket. Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes not. Don't die wondering.
  6. 2load you have one of these vlousia bikes ?

    thats interesting as all i see are the yamaha 650 & some hondas. the yamahas i see are too dear for me. the volusia doesnt seeem to come up but i think the yamaha and hondas are a similiar weight
  7. Sorry no, my bike is an '02, but is not a Vulcan.
  8. Not legal if you are on your restrictions, but probably not to powerful. They are heavy though. All the jap cruisers get better sold in the united states so i am sure you will find out more about it on one of their forums, though it might be called something else.

  9. your a funny man.
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  10. I am on by full license as I am over 50. I might have to keep looking but I gave up on trying to find a 500cc cruiser bike.

    The advice by some here that these are heavy bikes has made me rethink because it might not be a good move.

    Its a funny market you have 250 cc then nothing inbetween until you get to 650 cc, but I am a novice so there is probably some technical or business reason.
  11. Honda has the VT 400 and VT 750, same frame, so you'd reckon that the 750 would be fairly light and might be something worth you having a look at.
    I had a VT 400 and it was easy to ride, not massively heavy.

  12. Yes the VT 750 might be a good choice if I can find one in my budget. The old ones are chain and the newer ones are shaft drive but I guess that doesnt matter in my case.

    The VT400, how did you find that, in terms of power being a 400cc and all I guess it would have more power than the 250.
  13. The VT 400 was good around town, but it was lacking on the highway. It needed to rev hard and didn't have much in reserve at 100 km/h for hills, etc. It was a nice cruisy ride on quieter roads but I didn't like it on highways/freeways. I think the 750 would probably be a nice machine. They look quite good too in a classic cruiser sort of way.
  14. Thanks for the link. I need to search better. I might even have to think about buying from interstat. Need to look into the issues about buying then registering an bike from say Qld.

    Only real problem is buying it without seeing it. You fellas have shown me some tempting things though.
  15. My only suggestion is to take one for a test ride and find out for yourself. In fact, that's the ONLY way you are going to know for sure.
  16. Mick speaks the truth.
  17. i know your thinking about cruisers but ever thought about a gs500?