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Upgrade Advice Please CBR600F 1999-2005 ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Well time is getting very close to purchasing my first 600cc.
    At the moment I'm still tossing up between a late model 600 Hornet or a 1999-2005 CBR600F,
    with the CBR600F ( banana seat ) being my first choice.
    I can currently wait until I have enough funds to start looking at 2003-2005 CBR600Fs ( around 3-4 mths ), or I can begin to look at
    earlier models ( 1999-2000 ) now, as I have enough $ now. My main concern is getting an alloy framed ( light model ) 1999 onward ?
    Seat height isn't too much of a concern, as I intend on fitting a lowering link kit.
    Question I have regarding the CBR600F series is this:
    Would I be at a disadvantage to buy an early ( 1999-2000 ) model, as oppossed to later ( 2003-2005) model ?
    Are there any models I should keep away from?
    Are there particular models that are worth concentrating on? ie models with added bells and whistles such as HISS, fuel guage,
    better style gauges etc...
    I just dont want to make the mistake of buying something, then later regretting I didn't wait longer to get
    a later model with features I'd want.
    I've researched on the net, but would much rather get some of your opinions, especially those who are either
    very familiar with the CBR, or have owned a few.
    Thanks in Advance

  2. aftering riding both a h6 and a f4i i still find the naked with wide bars more fun almost everywhere apart from the track.....the f4i, i reckon is a great option, if you what a road sportsbike though, but really from what i read of your riding, most is commuting, and only minor twisty riding, imo the hornet sounds like the better fit, but as you know go ride all 3 models...i am sure one will stand out more then the rest :)

    one other thing to note, which i think i struggled with when i upgraded, was i never really threw the bike around much and hence could be why i struggled with the early sportsbikes (thundercat) but similar to the cbr600f, i generally just found them heavy, and pain to ride through corners, probably going back and riding now, i wouldn't have the same problem, as am a better rider and more prepared to throw my weight into the turn.....imo really only seen a handful of these older sportsbikes really being through around in the twisties and all were ridden by good riders.

    Just something else to consider :)
  3. I'd fork out the extra coin for a f4i or f5i. I've ridden Trev's 2004 or 2005 cbr600f5i a few times. Those bikes have fantastic build quality, the fuel injection is very smooth, engine willing, sport touring position is very comfy but still a bit of sports thrown in to keep a good posture.

    As for power.. well I jumped from my 929 to the 600 back to back on putty's 10 mile and the 600 still has bucketloads of power if you wind it up. Midrange and low down obviously is non existant compared to the bigger bike but thats obvious. Revvs nicely, handles well, good protection. Trev got 20k kms out of his rear tyre with just commuting (road 2s) so its practical as well. They'll last forever too, very well built.

    Of course the cb is similar in alot of ways, if its just a commuter I'd go the hornet for sure (purely as its easier to service without fairings).
  4. pre 2000 f4 are caby

    The f4i from 00-03, has 2 piece seat, later ones have the 1 piece seat.
    00-03 f4i are still good sports bike compared to current sports bikes the later f4is are kind of like sports tourers.
  5. banana seat f4 is carb and is a decent bike - better than the hornet 600 imho
    the split seat f4i is fuel injected and all round nice bike

    banana seat "f5"/f-sport is really an f4i with a banana seat - best compromise of the f4i & f4
  6. Just an idea Vinnie, but based on your riding questions here, and your desire to improve your riding, if I was you I would be buying a POS hack from the category of bike you are interesting in, perhaps putting some crash bars on it, then doing some track days and spirited twisty rides.

    With the money saved on buying the POS, I would upgrade my gear to include full leathers with back protector, real solid boots, gloves, etc.

    With a Piece Of Shit hack bike, scratches, dents and all wont be an issue. Even the specific bike wouldn't matter too much, as long as it was mechanically sound, since once you have skilled up, you would upgrade again to your dream bike.

    Like I said, just an idea based on your posts here. :cool:
  7. Those bikes are on the list of ones I am considering for my upgrade, Vinnie.

    A friend is selling a Daytona for a decent price, but I could get an 02-06-ish CBR600Fi for a lot less so am thinking that might be the go instead.

    Thanks for the replies, they straightened things out a bit, the models are a bit confusing in terms of what has split sit or banana seat, which ones have injected etc.

    Also, check the CBR600F section of bikesales, even if you are after an Fi, some people but them in the wring category, I have noticed every now and again.

    When are you gunna upgrade?
  8. Thanks for your input guys...
    now I'm even more confused :LOL:
    My head tells me a 2000 hornet ( bikini fairing )
    My heart says a CBR600F .. cause it's practical and looks cool :cool:

    You are right stewy, which is why I added the CBR600f to the list with it's not so 'sports' riding position. And having a comfy pillion bike is important to me as I intend to have my better half on the back more frequently.

    phizog, If iI had the extra, I'd probably go with an 05 very soon. Damn I hate waiting, which is why I wanted to know if the 99-00 models are much different than the later ones.

    erewego, Thanks mate
    N*A*M, are all the banana seat models carb ?
    Rod, that makes sense mate, but I've looked forward to upgrading for so long now, I dunno if I can wait too much longer ( impatient prick I am )

    Morbo28, If I go with the 99 CBR600F or the 2000 Hornet, I hope to upgrade within the next few weeks. Anything later ( ie 05 CBR600F ), will take a few more mths
  9. You could still upgrade soon Vinnie, just not to your dream bike. I only suggested it because you seem so motivated to learn to ride better, and I'd hate to hear that you upgrade and then throw your shiny new toy down the road.

    Maybe pick your prefered bike, and buy a cheap, slightly damaged POS example of it. One that you wont be upset about throwing down the road. That way you can test the limits of your riding technique, and not worry about the resale value. Worrying about the expensive bike below you (certainly in my case) can prevent you from really experiencing the joy of riding, and testing limits.

    Of course, that is why you need the better gear as well. Just in case you exceed your limits. :grin:
  10. ^^^^^ +1

    I really wanted a BB, or maybe a mint 929, but instead I paid $4,000 for a pre-scratched VFR750, bought full leathers and will soon be doing a Level II advanced course at broadford raceway with HART... with more training and trackdays to follow.

    Three reasons:

    1 - reality.
    If I put lots of money into my dream bike and I drop it, I'll be devastated. Ive dropped this bike twice (stationary both times... don't ask) and I really don't care. I've learned valuable lessons and when I DO spend proper money on the bike I've always wanted, I'm far less likely to make those sorts of mistakes.

    2 - Image.
    Some people are in a huge hurry to be seen on X bike, because it will make them look good... but the oposite us usually true. Nothing screams W@NKER louder or clearer than a full blooded sportsbike with chicken strips the size of the Colonel's 'family pack'. I want to make sure that I don't ride a bike whose abilities are SO FAR in advance of my own that other riders look at me, then at it and then laugh.

    3 - Hospital. (specifically, ER.)
    Been there once before. (not bike related) Don't want to go there again. Getting your dream bike just means you'll look nicer as Mum-on-the-school-run turns you into fertiliser. Getting training means you might just dodge her.

    Just my 2c worth. If you can afford a 10K bike, then get a 6K one and spend the rest turning yourself into a rider who deserves a $1Million bike.
  11. hmmm, interesting post there mate. Thanks for opening up another option for me in my mind when i upgrade in a few months
  12. hmm..
    kinda makes sense not to jump into something expensive yet.
    The alternative is something like this:
    Bike 2000 HONDA CB600 HORNET ROAD
    Price $4,990*
    Kilometres 25,160

    By the time I sell my hornet, I shouldn't be out of pocket much.

    The only thing I'm concerned about is that the bike is from Ray Quincey Used Motorcycles :shock:
    I've read topics here that do not shed a good light on this establishment.
    I could get one of those mobs to do a pre-purchase inspection I guess.
    ( Not sure how good those things are, has anyone ever used one, or recommend someone please )
  13. You can pick up a brand new CB900F7 Hornet for an absolute bargain at a lot of honda dealers at the moment. Mine was $9500 ride away from rising sun honda in Townsville. Zero k's on the clock too! It is my first big bike and i love it. It's really easy to ride but it goes like the clappers when you want to. It was cheaper to buy than all the smaller sized naked bikes at the time. There's also plenty of used examples on bikesales I've seen good examples of '02 or '03 models for around 5k. That is bloody good bang for your buck if you ask me.
  14. That is a nice bike at a nice price, though.

    I haven't used the mobile inspection services but have had a dealer inspect a bike I was buying privately, and recommend doing so for peace of mind, particularly a compression check and just general check for nasty and potentially expensive noises.

  15. I bought my CBR from Ray's, no issues to date (20 or so months). You really must buy the bike based on the merit of that particular bike and deal, don't buy a bike based on reputation.
  16. That's a fair call.
    I may try and get down there this week, or perhaps next Sat.
    Their business hrs coincide with mine, making it difficult for me :cry: