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*UPDATED* Satin Black 675 Project is now complete

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by [FLUX], Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Just picked up the bike today after some time at the painter. I still need to get the foot-pegs anodised, and a few other pieces. Rims were painted as well. Pictures are not photoshopped or enhanced in any way, other than basic resizing and cropping.

    The decals turned out rather interesting, and somewhat unexpected, but I like the way they appear. This was through some misadventure. The original decals were sanded back, but not all the way back, and the new red decals were coated into the finish. Unfortunately the satin finish altered the color of the decals and turned them orange, and rather than sand it all back and repaint it again, we opted to put new decals over the top. This has created a 3D embossed look to the decals when viewed up close, and in person I've now had a few people comment on how much they like the effect, especially in the red offset against the satin black finish.

    Bike is now almost complete as a project. I had an aftermarket clutch cover (right side), but it got mangled while trying to remove it, so it needs replacing and repainting. Still to do the pegs as I said above. Need to anodise the exhaust system brackets and crash protector brackets, and then it's all done.

    My camera's color reproduction is failing slightly to emphasise the redness of the decals against the black in the second picture.


  2. I like it!
  3. Like it a lot! But didn't you buy a red seat cowl for this project?? :?
  4. Did you bin it?
  5. I had. That was more of a stop-gap to the completed thing until it could be done in the black/red that I really wanted.
  6. No.
  7. Good stuff. Came out really nice. :grin:
  8. It looks the same colour as my helmet. A nice matte black finish? I love tuff looking colours like this black. Im not a fan of glossy/chromed stuff.

    But that bike is hawt! Nice Work!
  9. so you decided to stick with the undercoat? or ran out of funds?

    kidding, kidding :p :LOL:

    i like it, and in the bottom picture i'm seeing the embossed effect, and i reckon its tops.
  10. Wow that's really nice! Very tidy looking bike.

    I'm proud to say that I have the same hand grips :)
  11. Looks hawt. Black and red always seem to go well together and the gold bits look good too. Sweet bike :grin:
  12. I like that a lot, really classy, just right.
  13. Very nice, the logos do look trick! Had you thought about matte red wheels? Very '50s hot rod.

    Very cool mate, you should be proud of it. :cool: :cool:
  14. G'day Stew.
    I confess, that when you OP'd that you had gone for Matt-Black I was a little dubious about it, because the Matt finish is not my "thing"...But now that I've seen the pictures I am really impressed with the whole look of the bike.
    The Red Decals really set it off, mate!!...and I think the bike looks much better than it did with the original colors. (not that it looked bad then, either). :grin:

    Now you need new Leathers to match the bike, mate... :p
  15. Looks good parked reckon it would look better moving though, got any shots of the new paint work in motion yet mate :wink:

    top job mate
  16. Looks great :cool:

    Understated, yet some great detail.
  17. Very nice Flux! Good to see someone else changing there bike up to the way they want it! And the black and red look really neat as a combo.

    Ive also changed my R6 from silver sided to black, but she is more 2 tone from gloss metalic on top down to matt black on the belly and mid section.

    Im running no decals though, as I like the plain black look. Oh and just fitted a megaphone slip-on to her.

  18. very nice looking bike, its such a pity about the fuel tank fault on them things.
    i could never bring myself to ride a yamaha (silver bullet XT500 excluded - the older punters know the one :cool: ) but to make a bike that looks so good, and throw in such a catastrophic design flaw, it would make me run a mile :)
  19. Looks good Flux, well done.
    Will the screen be changed to a darker tint?

    Always wondered about detailing a matte finish. Is it easier to keep clean then a gloss?