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Update on the shotgun rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by erewego, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Update of the shotgun rider.



    Christopher Watts, 19, of Craigieburn, was today locked up for nine months for the terrifying road rage attack and was disqualified from driving for two years.

    Magistrate John Doherty said the case was an example of a young person wasting their life on drugs.

    The court heard that Watts, of Craigieburn, had been using illicit drugs since the age of 15 and had been using ice around the time he pulled the gun on the woman at Campbellfield.

    "No-one really wants to be locked up, no-one really wants to pay the price ... but you must be made accountable,'' Mr Doherty said.

    Police prosecutor Sergeant Kyle McDonald previously told Broadmeadows Magistrates Court that Watts was riding an unregistered Yamaha motorcycle on the Hume Highway on November 11 last year when the victim changed lanes in front of him.

    Sgt McDonald said Watts was travelling at high speed and the victim had not seen him until she had committed to the lane change.

    Watts was forced to swerve to avoid hitting the rear of her Ford Escape.

    Once past her, Watts went in front of the woman's vehicle and stopped, forcing her to stop, Sgt McDonald said.

    Watts then took a single barrel shotgun out of the side ferrings of the motorbike and pointed it directly at her from about five metres away, Sgt McDonald said.

    The woman, then 32, thought she was going to be killed, the court heard. Her nine-month old baby was in the back seat.

    Watts fled the scene, driving erratically across all three lanes.

    When police intreviewed him, Watts said the firearm had not been loaded.

    Watts pleaded guilty to 12 charges, including threatening to inflict serious injury, using an unregistered handgun, carrying a firearm concealed from view, dangerous driving, unlicensed driving and using an unregistered motor vehicle.

    Another six charges were withdrawn.

    Watts was also yesterday fined $500.

    P.S. The first thread I've started
  2. $500!!! what a joke..

    (yes i saw hes getting locked away too)
  3. The fine would have been for traffic offence I'm guessing.
  4. Wtf is a "ferring" :?

  5. i want to know how he manage to hide a shotgun under the "ferring"
  6. I want to know how he cut down a tree with a herring.
  7. it was really a sword fish.
  8. Maybe he pulled the gun from a shrubbery? :idea:
  9. Good to see this thread descend into another wooden punfest
  10. Well everyone knows you should never put your ferret down your trousers!! :shock:
  11. Especially when it's got a shotgun up its backside! :shock:
  12. back on topic though, this tossbag needs a longer penalty, a Bigger fine, and to stand infront of a TV camera and state clearly he is a wanker.

    On the reporting, the Age mentions he sed off into traffic at 100km/h... forgive me but isn't the Regulated Limit on that road 100km/h? How is he "speeding"? The article seriously plays into the common publics understanding. John Q Public will read that and automatically think "That man is a hoon and a criminal", hence clarifiying the opinion we are all hoons and criminals.

    Then to the Heading on the main page("Jail for shotgun-toting road-rage biker"). He is a "Biker" in the Headline, and a motorcyclist in the story("Mother driving with baby 'feared for her life' when motorcyclist pointed weapon at her"/"Motorcyclist jailed for shotgun road rage incident").

    Do you think this may lessen the difference(in public perception) between a motorcyclist and a Biker?

    I think, how the article on the Herald website("Man who pointed shotgun at mother on highway locked up") is headed, is far less offensive to me as a motorcyclist.

    Original Thread Probably worth a glance over, I guess most of us were optimists. Some of us even defended the rider in a humerous sort of way.

    scary thing though looking back is...

    Do you do Fortune readings 99Sydrd?
  13. well at least she'll check her mirrors now.

    i don't think car drivers understand that when they merge into us, its not just a "oh that car merged into me, oh well, happy days" its a "woah f^ck"
  14. Haha, yep, she'll check her mirrors!

    Must have been a sawn-off shotgun, as he was charged with possessing an unlicenced handgun. Didn't think there were seperate charges for long and short arms?
  15. Oh good!

    All the car drivers are so much more polite whenever there's a news story about a rider pointing a gun at someone, or beating them to death with a bollard, etc in the media.
  16. What makes you think she didn't check her mirror? & what difference would
    that have made any way?

    If you saw me 100m behind you, you'd have no idea whether I was speeding
    or not. By the time you've done your mirror glance & have put ya indicators
    on, I've already passed you.
  17. The Hume Highway (as in Sydney Rd not the Freeway) is an 80 zone and this was at peak hour so heavy traffic which he dangerously lane split through to do what he did to get away.

    Do a search and find the original thread on this topic for more info.
  18. He definitely musta been speeding, Big K.
    Nothing else counts as attempted murder, if it happens on the road.
  19. Yeh well OP does say the biker was flying.

    which is why I asked the lurker that Q.