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Update on sparky

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Spoke with Kira and donna his morning .
    Andy is going to surgery today on his ankles.
    plaster for both
    (L) ankle 3 months
    (R) ankle 6 weeks
    off work 6-8 months

    **** just spoke to the hospital then , just returned from O/T , groggy , but well . we can have visitors at 4pm tommorrow*******
  2. Thanks for the update Glenn

    Good news eh!

  3. Hi andys (sparky) wife here (donna)

    Operation was good, came out of it fine.

    They found out that, he also shattered his heel bone as well. He is not allowed to put weight on both feet so he is wheel chair bound for at lest 3 months.

    We have to get a ramp made for the front steps or he might be sitting outside. There is also talk that they hope the bone in the left foot doesn't die (big trouble if it does). Could go to Rehab next week if all goes well.

    Thanks Donna.
  4. euch..... good luck to the fella :? hope it all ends in good news eventually :) i fractured my heel once being a general dumbass and that was unpleasant enuff for a couple of months, i dont envy him having to deal with a SHATTERED one :shock:
  5. Glad to hear Sparky is on the mend.
  6. I've got a mate who fell 20m down a lift shaft (he's a liftie) and completely shattered his heel.

    I can tell you it was not a pretty sight. It took about six months, but he's now pretty much fully healed, still has a little bit of a limp, but other wise is perfectly functional.

    It's a hard road, but if Andy's got a bit a life in him ,he should recover alright.

    Best of luck mate. Don't give up...
  7. Good to hear he's on the mend.

    I shattered my heel bout 17 months ago....its still fooked....but i never got it treated properly :D
  8. You're not a real biker unless you've got some kind of limp/ scar/ missing limb etc...

    If the ramp's not done in time, our apartment complex has a garage that he can use. It's warm and dry(ish), but we would have to let him in and out with our swipe cards :)

    Seriously, hope everything works out. Get well soon.
  9. Are there any chippes (carpenters) amongst us?????

    If so, maybe we could all help in getting the ramp sorted?

    Just a thought
  10. Offer all ready forwarded on another forum.
  11. Cool, sorry :) :) :)
  12. re ; sparky accident

    hi Andys wife ( Donna ) here , Andy had a good and bad day . The good was he got to eat mcdonalds ,hospital food yuk. The bad is that the foot is not behaving itself and they have had to cut the plaster open twice today.I will keep you updated Thanks Donna
  13. Thx for the up-dates Donna . Rhonda asked me if u can pass on her best wishes for his recovery . And he owes me a paper :LOL: He'll know what i mean .
  14. and a pair of undies :wink: :LOL:
  15. Glad to hear the good news thanks for the updates
    3 months is a long time but you will get there.

    Oh yeah hey midnight I have your tv guide if you want it back :p
  16. A Update from Kira
    I have spoke to Andy last night on the phone and he is itching to get down to Frankston closer to home .
    I also have **aquired** a wheel chair for andy , if anyone can help with getting it from Reservior to frankston give me a call
    on 0425873437
  17. "I also have **aquired** a wheelchair"

    Its funny cause a disabled girl got hers stolen the other day
  18. Glen , i'll call u tonight . I can pick it up Saturday in the ute and take it down . After coffee that is :D .
  19. ******UPDATE********
    Andy went back into theartre last night .
    he has a problem with one of the placements with the screws , they were moving it or changing it .
    I wasnt able to get much info , but should still be going down to frankston either today (late arvo) or tommorrow.

    give the hospital a ring , ask if he is still there (1 north) and see him before he goes down to frankston.98713333
  20. Thanks for the updates.. Jeez I'm hoping he cames out of this OK