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Update: My first bike has been delivered

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ralph, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. My XVS650 & all my safety gear arrived yesterday and is to be delivered to me today!!

    Silver bike. Matt Black Shoei helmet, Shift Primer matt black leather jacket, All star shoes and gloves and a pair of hornee jeans, oh and a dark tint visor (does the safety gear sound decent??).

    Very excited, yet quite nervous. I have not rode a bike other then at my L's test. So I am just a tad nervous about being able to ride my bike .... i'm sure it will be ok once i get on it and do a few laps around my street.

    I'm doing a HART post learners course on saturday arvo to help build that confidence.

    Will post pics once it arrives, although its just another XVS650 - no mods . Once i get through the first 1000km's or so I want to upgrade the exhaust to get that deep grumble.

    Anyways, very excited!

    Crap Pics from the blackberry added - if anyone is interested in the 09 XVS650 classic, let me know, i can take some better pics with a high res camera:


  2. Congrats mate, get them pics up :)
  3. Re: My first bike gets delivered to me today

    Very decent. Does your helmet come with a clear visor as well? Dark is good during daytime, but night time, not so good
    I was in the same boat. Never ridden before, only bike I had ridden was at my L's course. Bought my bike and rode it around my circuit a few times. I took some annual leave and drove around my suburb for the first two weeks. Also did a lot of car park riding.

    Four months and 8000k later, things are settling in well. You're going to love it :wink:
  4. Went for a ride around and around, and around some more of my estate... its basically a 600-800 m circle around the estate with one entry point...

    How much fun! nervous as about dropping the bike or not stopping properly ... but it was fine.. i didnt want to get out on my the main road yet.. basically just wanted to get my balance, sat on 20-30km, and occaionally twisted it up to 45-50kmh....

    SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but dont tell the boss i wasn't "working from home" this arvo.... haha.. only came in because i think my neighbours might have got sick of hearing the bike for 2 hours doing laps haha... 20kms up on the bike now...

    so excited, i think a little bit of wee just came out hehe.
  5. LOL :LOL:

    I did the same... and then I rode around the block a bit... :p
  6. :shock: :shock:
  7. Nice bike and nice gear. Well done and it does get easier and better! :grin: