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VIC Update for new VIC license system

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chickenmanic, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I know theres a couple of threads about this already but i feel like it could be beneficial to go over the new system as all the information is out now and some riding schools have released there new prices.
    I will try to make it as clear as i can so bear with me :).

    So in a nutshell all the new information is on this website A new motorcycle graduated licensing system : VicRoads.

    Main things to take away are;
    • The new system begins on the 19th of March for the metro area and the 2nd of April for regional(i believe that means you can still get a cheap deal if you are willing to travel to places like bendigo)
    • If you get you Ls before April 2nd, you do not have to complete the check ride and attain the cert to be eligable to go for your Ps after your mininum 3 months wait is up (saves you $200)
    That's all Vic Roads pretty much gives us, if you go to the schools websites which a link to a list of them can be found on the above link to Vic Roads, you can get more detail about what is needed from now.

    • Now goes for two days, the first is essentially getting used to the bike and learning more about bikes and there controls, prepping you for the second day in which you will go on the road riding with the instructor.
    • Most places i first saw advertised the price for this course to be around $585 (Armstrongs) but there are also competitors selling it for around $400 (HART) and then the rest are around that price bracket.
    • This is a great new addition to the system that anybody like myself that has gone to any of Hawklords Sat practice meets will find that information gathered from this is invaluable.
    • From what I have heard its a one on one session with the instructor that goes through there track and on road as well
    • The instructor will give you feed back on how you have progressed and on things you could improve on, then after about 2 hours and $150 to $200 (Average price everyones doing) later you will gain a certificate of completion, very much so akin to getting your hazards perception test just more hands on.
    • The license test has now gained a on road portion after the initional car parks tests, I dont really have any further information on what is now needed.
    • The prices for this course is about average as well unlike the Learners course, most places are advertising around the $200 mark with some like Armstrong also having an option to get a little lesson in for another $50.
    That about wraps it up, I would just like to say that these prices and so forth are by no means me trying to advertise and point you in any direction, as there are still some providers out there that have not released there prices yet and will not till the 19th i highly recommend people to shop around and not only look for a bargin but also for the little extras that some will provide such as Armstrongs additional lesson and don't quote me but I think HART will let you ride their honda 250s instead of others who may provide a 125.

    If there is anything else you think i should try to cover just say so and this is my first time doing something like this so tell me your opinion, happy for any type of feedback.

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  2. I forgot one little thing,

    If you have to have the check ride certificate, you can go for it at anytime during your Ls as there is no time restraint, however you cannot go for your license test until at least one month after you have attained it(the 3 month wait is also still there).
  3. It's really expensive now isn't it?
  4. Sadly yes, some places are doing bundle deals to make it that little bit cheaper but it still is all about finding a good deal with a group/s that you are comfortable with.
    Just think that after your leaners you wont have to pay that much again unless its for a helmet and you have 14 months to come up with the means to get your license so about 5 to 10 bucks each week for the year your on your Ls.
  5. So far it has cost me $440 for the 2 day learner course and $230 for the check ride.
    Still have the P's to do.

    I think more rider education is a good thing sadly the cost can be prohibitive.
  6. Just out of interest, how much is that cost compared to if you went for your car license? Aren't you meant to now do a large number of hours with an instructor?

    Apologies if I'm completely out of whack, I got my Ls 15 years ago.
  7. For the car, its 120 hours supervised, but that can be your parents. So no $$$$
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  8. Thanks for the info. Still, having a $900ish cost for getting more decent training and a review with an instructor before you're set loose, so to speak, seems to not be terribly prohibitive. Especially given the check ride is one-on-one, therefore providing the most opportunity to get real, tailored feedback on areas you can improve on.

    More than before, of course.
  9. Congrats and thats a pretty good deal youve had so far cost wise.
    Yes the training is great its actually stop a friend from getting his learners because its to much so im kinda glad he didnt else he would hurt himself.

    Also you dont need to do any driving with an instructor it is just recommended at the moment, it costs about $40 to get your car learners and you need 120 hours if your under the age of 21.
    To get your Ps the hazard test costs $35 and the road test is $60 (+what ever the instructor you may choose if you dont have your own car)
    Then its around 100 for the physical license itself
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  10. My check ride had three of us in the group.
    The other two were able to go for their P's after as they had done their L's before the changes.

    I'm all for as much training as possible, and i dont think the little they enforce you to do is enough hence it can be prohibitive cost wise to get more. That's why i have headed down to Saturday practice every Saturday i have free. Invaluable learning experience!
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  11. I'll be generous and say 120hrs in predominantly 60 zones at ~6L per hour = 720L @ $1.245L (current ULP av.) = $896.40. Not quite 0, but most will expect their parents to pay I guess. A diesel will be somewhat less whereas SUV's, V8, 4x4's, wrx/evo's etc., will be a lot more.
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  12. To bad when you look at it like that it should be easy to get P platers or leaners to do a defensive course to better there knowledge but new drivers dont want to learn.
  13. It's hard to believe that a defensive driver course isn't mandatory, with a review some weeks later to see how much of it stuck. The new features in cars that brake for you, alert you when your drifting out of a lane, blind spot alerts etc, are excellent, but like ABS they wont always prevent accidents and drivers should be taught not to rely on them. Unfortunately I think many of these safety features are being developed because people require them, because we don't learn.

    The amount of folks that don't even know that ABS allows you to steer while hard braking is scary. As motorcyclists, many of us practice emergency braking (hell, its a bit of fun too!), it wouldn't hurt to be part of the car licensing scheme too. And get rid of phones in cars, period.

    Apologies for being so OT.
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  14. Haha all good, and yes i agree but since were headed to auto driving cars do they really need to learn anything anymore.
    Seriously though a driverless car should have a full safety check and basic tech check everytime there used in my eyes so soon enough the only people who will know the road rules will be heavy vehicles and bikes the rest will be technicians
  15. RideSmart NorthEast, who service Shepparton, Wangaratta and Wodonga get a thumbs up from me. The guy I did mine with is a really nice and professional bloke who seems to really love Harleys, and is very appreciative of all bikes in general. He was a very comfortable and extremely knowledgeable teacher as I was quite anxious to begin with. He has been riding for 40 years I think he said, and claims to still be learning.

    His business charges $210 for checkrides and P's if you bring your own bike. $230 if you borrow one of his 125's on the day. I highly recommend these guys. Having got my L's twice, first time in Melbs, second time up here in rural Vic, I can safely say I was a lot more schooled as he drills safety into your brain every 5 minutes of teaching.

    "Head check, front brake, side-stand. There it is again." Drilled into my mind.

    Anyone else gone through these guys?
  16. Was it a bloke named Bert?
  17. Nah his name was George.