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up for repairs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Cronus, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. so i've had my 2000 model zxr for just over a month now, and well it seems fair rooted, got it in private sale, he had the fluids changed and chain tightened and got it roadworthied.

    when i got home i realised that it must've been a dodge roadworhty because
    the extending bolts on the arm were only extended on one side and the horn didnt work, but thought meh i can tighten that myself and well nuts to the horn.

    rode it everyday to work bout a 15min trip, and plus on my days off and after
    work and well when ever could get a chance, its so much fun, but then about
    3 weeks in i started having troubling gettin it started (i had washed it the day before so thought maybe got a bit of water where a shouldnt have so rode on) then kept havin some trouble for a couple of days (even after i had refiled), until one morning it wouldnt start. had my apprentice mechanic mate around to check it out and he could quite figure it but we pushed started it so i planned to ride it into mechanic the next day, but in the morning of course no such luck and GP was coming up. on GP day i changed the plugs (which looked fair F*cked and the battery) and only got it going on a push start and took it easy warming her up, she was running fine so i though bugger it ill go through wit my plans and hung out wit my dad and his mates and she was fine all day then went to the city in the night and saw LP then went home, i had to push start it once again after the concert.

    and when i got it into mechanic (by trailer) and after they looked at it (5 working days later) the first thing they said was it will need a new engine cause the front end wasnt gettin lubricated so it was damaged has no compression, only 40psi in one and 35psi in another, and he said nothing about the other cylinders, and today nearly 2 weeks after i first took the bike in they called and said they may be able to repair it at less cost, by replacing rings and shit and pulling apart the front end. so my question is WTF?

    Now i am aware that i definately made some very n00b mistakes when i got it runnin i should have gone strait to mechanic and i may not have been in all this mess, but i always had oil in it above the half point in the window when it was standin strait (the amount that was in it after the guy had its fluids changed) so i never needed to fill it, and i checked this every few days, i was kinda paranoid about watchin oil and stuff like that. but the major mistake i realise i had made is that when starting the bike with the choke i would let it warm up a 4-4.5k revvs (sometime it was higher) and i believe this would have meant that before oil was warm and moving properly that the front may not have been lubed and in turn been damaged.
    soo yes heres my dilema, and dealing with the mechanic that i have no idea when they will even bother trying there repairs, the mechanics my mate works at too.

    i miss my bike :( :cry:
  2. Yeah, that is going to hurt the hip pocket for sure. That aside, the oil should lube fine when its cool (not too cold though) but im not sure about running at 4.5k revs :shock: .
    Anyways, that be a lesson, preventative maintainance and if its not normal, get it checked over.
    Good luck with the repairs.