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Up for a ride?

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by outtalive, May 5, 2005.

  1. Hey there, though I've been on this forum for a while I've never been able to partake of any of the rides, generally 'cos I work wierd hours and weekends and just don't get the time.

    This wednesday (the 11th) I'm lucky enough to have the afternoon-evening off so if anyone out there is similarly free and wants to go for a spin down to St Kilda or something just reply to this thread or sling us a pm.

    Even better if you're on GPX/ZZR/Accross so I can keep up :LOL:

  2. Then you would know were to post this thread then :shock: :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)
  3. yeeesss... but does it matter all that much?... really?

    Didn't think that a ride day announcement was necessary, given that I was just seeing if one or two people were up for ride.
  4. whos riding and where?
  5. So far it's pretty much up in the air, was thinking I'd leave from Kew about 3 then head towards St Kilda/Port Melbourne.

    There are some good stretches along Studley Park Rd or around the backstreets of Port Melboure, hooking back onto Dandenong Rd.

    Just thought about it a couple of hours ago so no riders commited so far
  6. Umm, yeah it kinda does ;)
    I might be up for it but will have to let you know closer to the day. Been bedridden for the last few days with both Bronchitis and the flu (I don't usually do things by halves :( ) but if I am feeling better I should be there :)
  7. I go for rides up through Whittlesea quite a bit, thursday arvo is usually good, not this week but maybe the following, PM me