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Unwittingly fixed my bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sonja, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. by DROPPING IT!

    That's right. Banshee went down for roughly the 5th time. :facepalm: :tantrum: :furious:

    I left the disk lock on and went to leave... :oops: (And Yes, I have a reminder cable. I didn't think I'd need it)

    I killed all muscles from my shoulders down getting her back up again, since it was on a slope. When I left, I could feel the front brakes were different. There was no give in them at all.

    I got to CMC and they said nothing was wrong. So I finished the tape run for work and stopped at TJ's. Hal had a look (I'd be lost without that man) and said the same thing.

    Apparently I must have had a bubble in the brake lines, which was dislodged when I dropped it. :shock: :? :LOL:

  2. I've had the opposite happen to me before, but never that lucky.

    Nice job.
  3. that's quite a talent you have there. :grin: i have a talent for dropping my bike and finding new things wrong with it (only twice so far and nothing too bad)
  4. It's good to learn the bum on teh seat, grab the bike under the seat and at handlebar and push backwards technique for lifting bikes.
    I had to lift the GTR after a washing incident, and no way I could have done it any other way.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I'll have to learn that. Sadly, I dropped her on a slope. I had to lift it AGAINST the slope. It was EVIL.
  6. Hi sonja,

    Glad to see you fixed your bike.
    Hope that you didn't strain snything!

    How is the bike?

    I think you need to get a "Disc Lock Reminder cable" that straps around your disc lock and the other end goes on your handle bar!

    Have a good one!

  7. The bike's fine other than that. She leaked a bit of the oil I'd topped her up with just yesterday from the overflow and the brake lever's a bit bent. I broke the orange indicator cover, too. The replacement's in my bag.

    I don't know that I strained anything. I certainly ache like the devil, but I'll be alright.

    And about the cable, I'll enlarge the tiny text for you.

  8. Hey!

    Murphy Strikes again!

    And I thought it was me going blind!

  9. Not quite MacGyver, but well done anyway. It's always great when things work out like that. Its like finding a 20 in your pants pocket you didn't know was there.
  10. A bit, yeah.

    I can't wait to get home today. It's been one of those days.

    Only an hour left...
  11. You must have awesome pants. Mine only give me tissues after they've been through the wash :(.
  12. Well the way you do it is stick a 20, in summer, in a pair of pants that you hardly wear and then when you need to wear them next you've forgotten about it an vwaula, magical pants... either that or someone else finds the money and pinches it. :(
  13. My pants just keep getting bigger and bigger. I'm up to a size bl**dy 16.

  14. how to pick up a bike,

    crouch down so your genitals are facing an on level to the petrol tank lid. place your R hand on the front brake and left hand on L handle bar. use your legs to stand up bringing the bike up with you sqeezing the front brake lever.
  15. i have nothing interesting to add..... i havent dropped my bike yet..... told you it wasn't interesting.
  16. The one time I picked up my bike it was with pure anger with myself for not parking her properly...

    Just remember not to use too much streght and 'throw' your bike onto the other side...no good
  17. Lucky SOB...
  18. Often adrenaline will add to your strength all of a sudden when you have to pick 'em up - well it worked for me a few years ago when it happened to me on an icy road and I could hear a car coming around the corner :shock:
  19. yeah it's easy to pick up a bike when the engines holding it up.

    great method tho, i would never have thought to try that.

    a friend saw a guy slip and drop his sports bike at the lights. he kicked the tank and picked it up like an empty bottle of wine with one hand.