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Unwitting police chase

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jem, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. We really do have it all down here in Vic -


    A police chase through Melbourne's outer east early this morning ended with the delivery of a healthy baby.
    Dandenong police attempted to intercept a car for a routine check just before 2:00am.
    The driver refused to stop but continued to obey the speed limit and road signs.
    As the man pulled into the emergency entrance of Dandenong Hospital his wife gave birth, shocking both the father and the pursuing police officers.
    Acting Sergeant Stephen Boyle says the baby is healthy, but the father was rattled.
    "The baby by all accounts is OK [and] the mother is well," he said.
    "More of a concern is the father, who was in shock that he'd been involved in a police pursuit and he'd become a new father."
    Police say the man kept to the speed limit and there will be no charges for failing to stop.

    At least for once common sense has been used and they are not going to charge him.
    Cheers Jeremy

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  2. Yep, some actual sensible police work, the officer should be congratulated. I suspect another may have rammed the car off the road...
  3. Thank fcuk that they didn't try and intercept it or cause the guy to have an accident...

    when that kid is old enough to talk and listen, the father will have an awesome story about how the child was born.
  4. Outrunning the cops before you've even left the womb, that's gotta be a record.
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  5. The one time you'd get away with speeding & he didn't!


  6. He didn't choose the Bub life - the Bub life chose him.
  7. Surprised the cops didn't open fire when he didn't stop. It is victoria!
  8. My daughter is a midwife at the hospital - even she didn't have to do much! :)