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Unwarranted Police Shooting

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Julles, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Sad for all involved...
  2. is there a new definition of the word 'accidental' now that I'm not aware about?

    That is disgusting.
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    How the fcuk is that accidental.

    The footage clearly shows the officer draw his weapon calmly shoot the guy then holster his weapon.

    If that's not deliberate I don't know what is.

    If failing to mention the shooting, until its discovered he's been shot, then coming up with the old oh yeah that was me boss? isn't deliberate, I don't know what is.

    But it just goes to show when it comes to police investigating police you are never going to get transparency.

    Especially in America where cops have carte blanche to use weapons.
  4. What chance is there for a proper debate, or reform, of the out-of-control gun problem in the US if the Police can't be trusted to use THEIR weapons legally?
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  5. Bloody hell...sad that they can even think of calling that accidental. Sadder that they appear to be getting away with it (thus far).
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  6. Opps wrong thread article removed
  7. See the cop desperatley searching for his spent cartridge.
  8. Those seppos are the most fcuked up people on the planet
  9. That combined with failing to volunteer info about shooting the bloke clearly indicates deliberate intent to conceal the true sequence of events.

    I reckon his report would make interesting reading.

    And "refusing to get out" would be because you shot him, dirtbag.
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  10. US has a gun problem period. Remove the guns from gen pop and the police shooting will go down. Every other person owns a freaking gun.

    That's why I'm afraid to go visit US. Getting shot at by police. I think the chances of that is higher than getting shot by someone else :)
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  11. Its not just the removal of the guns, the police have to not think of them (guns) as their first choice when dealing with someone.

    They have to be reminded that the old saying shoot first ask questions later isn't the way its supposed to be.

    That and having a few of them charged and convicted of murder will go long way but with District Attorneys, and Grand Juries willing to give the police a free pass to anything they do nothing much will change
  12. Not to trivialise those numbers, but the UK probably isn't the best comparison as the UK police are not routinely equipped with firearms for normal duties. Australia would probably be fairer.
  13. A kid in a pre school in the USA picks up a rock and starts belting other kids over the head with it. USA solution ? Give all of the kids a rock as well.
  14. That concept was proposed to combat the school shootings. Allow teachers (and others) to carry guns into the schools. :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  15. The bloke was clearly armed. He was using both of 'em to climb out of the car.
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  16. I thought that was the point? Police don't even need to be able to shoot at people to be effective.
  17. Like those cops in London who took down the knife-wielding individual -who had actually stabbed people- at a train station. Protected the public and arrested the perp, who will consequently be tried as a criminal rather than dying as a 'martyr'.
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  18. Well, yes, a bit. However, the fact remains, the UK cops are not (generally) equipped to shoot people, even when it may be justified to do so, and so it is reasonable to expect that the number of police shootings will be quite low, notwithstanding highly publicised fcuk-ups like the unfortunate Brazilian student a few years ago.

    OTOH, you have countries such as Australia and, I believe, much of mainland Europe where every beat cop packs a Glock or even an H&K and yet which do not, AFAIK, have anything like the rate of police shootings, particularly the clearly coldly murderous ones that the advent of the cameraphone has exposed, that the USA does*, even allowing for population size differences. Suggesting that the issue is not so much the routine arming of the police but more one of culture and accountability.

    *Yes, even allowing for Victoria's novel approach to reducing the numbers of the mentally ill.