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Unwanted shit when you buy stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. I completely agree with this pic which someone posted on facebook;

    (damn it, turns out hitting enter at the wrong time posts the thread).


    I paid money for the movie when I brought that DVD, yet I'm littered with trailers and bullshit I don't want to see, yet I have too. It shits me, it pisses me off, I own this copy of this movie, why can't I watch it when I want to then?? Same goes for iPhone shit, my iPhone 3GS was running fine before I upgrade the OS to iOS4.? and now its glitchy, jams up, and generally runs like shit.

    /end rant.
  2. someone needs a root
  3. :LOL:
    Finland: 5 days!!
  4. I always find it obscure that there are piracy warnings and ads about "you wouldn't steal a grape from the supermarket" bullshit on legit purchased DVDs
  5. It pisses me off too, i bought that partticular dvd, and it's mine shove the ads up your butt i say to them
  6. i buy all my dvds, and my friends give me all the downloaded stuff for my harddrive.

    i'm starting to be very pissed off with the money i've spent on dvds with all the pre movie bullshit!
  7. I do steal grapes from supermarkets.
  8. slightly OT, I did love the anti piracy spoof they did on IT Crowd. That was GOLD!

    I've always hated that crap at the start.

  9. see, i would steal a handbag, a tv, a car and a movie - if i knew i could get away with it.

    on the youtube comments, the top rated one is so true!

  10. Yeah all that stuff about "would you steal a handbag, car etc" really pisses me off. They don't know me.
  11. "You wouldnt steal a car...."

    Yeah, i wouldnt, but i'd download the **** out of one if i could.
  12. Why are "Special Features" nearly always rubbish (or more trailers)? I've almost given up bothering to look.

    I like the simple straightforwardness of pirate DVDs. No bullshit, just "Play Movie" (if that).
  13. The way to end piracy:
    1) Remove all the crap from the start of DVDs
    2) Only charge 5 bucks for them

    and of course:
    3) Make films that are actually worth paying money for.
  14. +1 id love to be able to do that!
  15. I was under the impression that there used to be two versions of DVDs, a rental version (with all the anti-piracy bollocks & trailers etc etc) and a 'keeper' without it.

    Maybe I'm dreaming...
  16. you're dreaming.

    i own over 500 dvds, and 99% have the shit at the start. not all of them have the trailers at the start, and some of them you can skip through the warnings etc, but mostly, a lot of that shit is there.
  17. i agree with this!
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    Although Piracy is fun, it's not scalable. There is a good book called "pandoras millions" that is pretty interesting.
    I do agree though, and I dont think it is fair that companys Price region.
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  20. Dang! Wanna sell any?
    (got any pron?)8-[