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Unwanted Attention

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Interloper, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Today i went to the RTA at parramatta to transfer rego and renew license and found a car park right next door.I rode into the car park only to be pulled up by a 'parking attendant' who decided to question my business there.Upon telling me that i had to pay $11 to park there i decided to turn around and find elsewhere to park.as i was leaving I passed a brand new green falcon which had pulled in behind me,complete with police officer at the wheel.He inspected my bike contently as I passed.He just seemed to have come from no-where and passed me at the set of lights around the corner heading in another direction.'hmm whatever' i thought.Then later in another suburb on my way home I pulled into a drive-thru bottleshop to purchase some 'peanuts'.I hopped off the bike and proceded to take off the skull-bucket when an unmarked commodore came up beside me,once again with a rather curious officer driving.he then slowly left without incident.During my entire outing i more or less cruised around rather sedately and was certain I hadnt done anything to draw attention.Also my bike is immaculate with brand new tires and such so...what gives?
    If I had done something wrong on both occasions I would have expected a mouthful at the very least.They just seemed to appear out of no-where,seemingly going out of their way to sus my bike out.
    Is there an epidemic of unriders and stolen bikes getting around these days?coz its the only thing i can think of,which i spose isnt such a bad thing if the cops are showing interest in checking rego and stuff.
    Anybody else have cops pooping up outta no-where and seemingly going out of theyre way to sus you out?

  2. Maybe they are all bike fans and want a closer look of your bike and then he told his mate to check out the sweet wheels so he did to.

    And you didnt even stop to show them :(
  3. Sounds like they were looking for someone and you just happened to be on the road at the same time . :?
  4. yeah well that was a possibility i didnt consider.Cops just seem to curious when they see me.dunno....
  5. What were you riding?
    They're out in force ATM, probably for the dd.
  6. I ride a red '99 zx9r with a stock pipe which is almost embarrassingly quiet :p .I understand the weekend dd blitz but i just thought it to be a bit odd that they followed me off a main road to,I assume,run my plate.But I might just put it down to what 'rider' said.Maybe looking for someone.I realy couldnt care less but was just wandering if others had similar encounters.
  7. Yeah it happens now and again, and it doesn't seem to matter what bike you have or whatever. Perhaps they'd just got a call on the radio that someone was reportedly doing stunts or speeding on a motorbike and were told to keep their eyes open?
  8. I had a cop follow me through a town and out to where I was heading. When I pulled up, he pulled in behind me. I was trying to think what I could have done to get his attention. Anyway he goes to say something as I remove my helmet, stops with a strange look on his face and then appologises to me. Apparently someone had been tearing around this small town the night before, the cop had pulled him up and told him to get out of town and not come back. My bike and helmet were an exact match so the cop thought this guy had swapped his NSW plate for a Vic plate and come back. Boy was he embarrased, couldn't appologise enough for following me. Had a chat to the guy, one of the minority, a genuinely decent cop.
  9. Seems to me they would be looking for someone who would fit the description of the bike.
    Don't sweat it.
  10. I've had the same treatment from the attendant there. I think maybe his missues left him for a biker and now he's pissed at the lot of us :LOL:. When he told me I'd have to pay I simply trundled the bike out the front and parked at the curb, three feet from where he normally sits... sans parking ticket of course! SFA he could do about it and I don't think he was pleased :)

    NSW police HQ is in Parramatta. There's hundreds of cops in and around CBD every day. At least some of those have to be motorcyclists
  11. give em the nod?
  12. dd this weekend i'm so not riding or driving...
  13. Man, that would be a Kodak moment.

    Chill out - you're paranoid.

  14. yeah i was followed for about .. 10 K's .. up hume's highway

    undercover in a small silver hatchback.. i wasnt sure if it was a chick riding behind me until i stoped at the lights and when he kept moving his head up and down lookin for sumthing i see a blue top with a badge on it and then i knew it all that

    so i stayed below speed limit. =] safety first .. my hands was sweating like crazy had to take the gloves off and dry it with cold air .. ehe