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Featured Unusual things that happen while on the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Valkrider, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. We were touring through France and had stopped for some fuel in a small village.
    After I filled the tank I went in and paid and got into a conversation with a local about where we'd been and where we were going. My French is not that great but I can just about get by.
    As we walked out of the building I notice a guy leaning on the petrol pump I had just used and a woman was filling her car on the opposite side of the pump.

    I walked around to the bike and the guy said " Le moto et magnific"
    I looked up from putting a bottle of water in my saddlebag and replied "Merci, il et une Honda Valkyrie"
    It was at that point I noticed the guy was smoking a cigarette, not 3 feet from petrol being pumped into a car. :eek:

    From then on it was like getting ready to ride in fast forward, helmets and gloves on, mount the bike and onto the road in 5 seconds.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much, when I was an apprentice many moons ago it was a great joke by the older mechanics to throw a burning ciggy into a can of petrol.
    Was to prove that you needed an open flame too ignite it.
    Scared the shite out of me the first time.
  3. It's actually because the atmosphere is too rich and it's still dangerous, because if the can is only partially full there is a good chance it will ignite.
  4. Mate, they would even just pour it on the workshop floor and then throw a lit ciggy on it.
    All that would happen is the cig would soak up the petrol and go out.
  5. Kids - don't try this at home!!

    Do it at school where everyone can watch!
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  6. The Auto-iginition point of petrol is mid to high 200s. the temperature of an undrawn cigarette is around 400. So if the atmosphere is between the LEL and the UEL, it will ignite. The only reason it isn't is because the atmoshere is above the UEL.

    In the case of the smoker at the petrol station, it's probably more dangerous, because there is petrol vapour around, rather than the petrol itself.

    Neither situation is overly dangerous IMO, but it does concern me that there are people going aorund out there that believe that you need an open flame to ignite petrol. You definitly don't. A heat source alone will do it.
  7. Also, there isn't much heat in a cigarette. When you drop it into a can of petrol the temperature rapidly drops. Obviously if you heated the whole can to 400C you'd get a different result.
  8. In most cases, yes, but if it picks up vapour (within the explosive limits) before it hits surface, then you are in trouble.

    It's one of those things that's "been done 1000 times before and it's been fine". The things we read about in EHS reports.

    But mainly I was concerned about the belief you needed an open flame to ignite petrol. Spilling petrol on a hot exhaust can cause a fire.
  9. Riding a Hyosung can cause a fire
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  10. So can a thread on AGATT or ABS :wacky:
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  11. a rider, dark no lights on + black Speed bumb in the back of fitzroy..... First(only) time i have ever seen a gxr jump... glad he found, it cause I had no idea there was a speed bump there.
  12. Ahh, you didn't mention nodding!
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  13. After the storms lots of people are trying to clean up their yards and burn the tree waste.
    One elderly gent on Saturday morning tried addng fuel to his fire to help it along. He got lots of attention from the ambos , police and fire brigade and a quick ride to hospital.