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Unusual Spider Web

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Oldie, May 11, 2012.

  1. I'm no photographer but I have a pic taken on my Galaxy S2 phone that is interesting....




    The first photo is at a distance of around 1 foot from the web, the second is only a cropped section of the full size original photo.

    The web itself stayed for two days, then was gone for another three before being rebuilt slightly differently yesterday.

    I've never seen square or rectangular spider webs before.
  2. With the S2 you can tap to focus, but it may struggle on something so flimsy. The trick here is to focus on something further back, then move the phone into a position so that object you want is now in focus.
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  3. Was it actually a 3D type cube? Wierd!!
  4. older spiders

    very square
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  5. not a cube, but it had depth, height and length. About 15 to 20 millimeters long, and about 5 or so millimeters thick.

    Hoping to spot the spider that spun it.
  6. Hope to see the spider that spun that Oldie. How big was the web - looked smallish, using the leaves as comparison. I only ask because I quite like small spiders, but the big kitten sized ones can take their furry legs and monstrous fat bodies to some alternate universe that I don't inhabit :D.
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  7. Meags,

    About three quarters of an inch long, roughly half inch high and five millimetres thick. Each bottom corner was connected by a strand to the ground (hard to see in pics) and the two top corners were supported by strands running up to the bush above.
  8. Eww, kill it!
  9. unmistakably the common web of the giant south american walrus spider.
    probably hitched a ride here on a boat.
  10. a very big boat
  11. Thanks Oldie. I missed your earlier answer.

    I've never seen anything like it. Hopefully you can get a photo of the spider itself - if it's a small one of course.....
  12. Seriously warped sense of humour........
  13. Interesting, Maybe the Crinoline Spider ??? they spin hammock like webs apparently.
  14. It is the net of a net casting spider, a Deinopidae of some sort.