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Unusual NSW Police motorbikes...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Marlon, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Old 1966 Triumph.


    Smashed Triumph, from around the same time.


    Honda at Parramatta Cop Shop, 1974


    1944 Indian, Newcastle Cop Shop

    http://www.inthejob.com/1944 Police Chief Newcastle.jpg

    The Scooters real, but the riders kitting up to take the piss...


    Current cop bike. (Watch out! They have a few undercover units on these. Bog stock white, plain white Shoei helmet.)


    XR400, used to patrol national parks, beaches etc. There are several DR650, two of which are based out of malabar. There are only 24 dirtbike units across NSW, however.


    I'm not joking here...



    Also, keep an eye out for these, both marked an unmarked...


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  2. somenice old pics, there.

    also now. i have heard some where that they are running un marked gsxr750s on the upper mid north coast?!?

    does anybody know more on this one?
  3. Some funny memories there; in the early 60's I had an uncle who was a motorcycle policeman, and he used to bring his bikes round to our place when he visited. The cops loved the Triumphs, but in 1961 they were given BMWs, which they all hated!! He left his in his garage, with the throttle jammed open all night in the hope the engine would blow up and they'd give him a Triumph again!!!

    Attached trvia quiz; who can identify the car in the background of the first photo?
  4. It's a black one.
  5. Looks like a Humber Super Snipe to me.
  6. ta da, and the man is correct!! a 1964 model, to be precise~!
  7. I was seriously looking for a Super Snipe as my first car, but sanity prevailed. :LOL: :LOL:
  8. living in Randwick I've seen a few Police Dirt bikes around - the bikes are actually marked and the riders have special dirt uniforms, marked helmets and all - kinda cool to see even tho everything from the bike to the jacket is marked uniform.

    (Randwick is only a coupla suburbs away from Malabar)

    also seen a subaru WRX marked police car and ofcourse, the police mounted bicycles floating around the beach areas.

    Then theres the horse mounts and Riot squad vans.

    and you also get the unmarked fords and holdens...

    and CHECK THIS - i got pulled over by a bombed out toyota full of chicks that are dressed like they were going out...... YEP all undercover COPS
  9. I kid you not, two days ago in the centre of Perth CBD there was a Hyundai Getz, white with 2 cops in it. On closer inspection they had the fairy lights on the dash and on the rear parcel shelf.
  10. I guess technically it's umarked...

  11. Yibbetayibbeta pull over, folks!
  12. Hahaha!

    I saw two hotted up rice burners in the city one day, a Nissan R33 and a WRX. Sitting at the lights just down from the movie cinemas, they started yelling at each other through the car windows: "F*****g fang it bro!" "Sick Rexy cuz!" When the light turned green the WRX belted up the street... for 25 metres or so then... "Woooooooooooooooooaaaaahhhup" Undercover rice burner!
  13. I recently worked for a large car yard in Newcastle, selling new and used vehicles. The police had some sort of arrangement with the company and used to 'take' low km, late model cars of all sorts, depending on the use. We had one of those Holden Astra Turbos with 11,000km on it and the police took it, put a very dark tint on the windows, fitted radar, police radio and internal strobes to it and drove around Newcastle foreshore booking people left, right and centre!! They even toyed with cars taking off from the lights, then booked them for racing, if they spun the wheels, and/or speeding!!!

    Some times they took silly things like passenger vans and convertibles that i suspect were for more 'covert' operations.

    They once took a black 2005 WRX with 4,200km on it, bought it back 2 months later with 17,000km on it!!!!!

    The long arm of the law has an empty, open hand sometimes.............

    Myself, I have been pulled over by a 5 year old(VT '98, back in '03) crappy looking commodore with surf stickers on the back window, dents all over it, and two surfy looking dudes in singlets and thongs WITH BADGES, STROBES and GUNS!!!! they checked my ID, proved they were cops(cause i didnt believe them!!) and sent me on my way, a little more cautiously!!!

    Around Newcastle there is a swag of unmarked police cars, falcons, commodores, magna's, 380's, rodeos, camry's, I have even recently seen a few falcon GT's including a ute, SS's and many more!!!

    The moral to the story: You never know who is watching!!!! and that car behind you with the surfie chicks in it could well be ready to bust you big time!!!!!

  14. If I had a nice car, it was late at night & in an area of 'less than positive repute' I wouldn't pull over for some of the undercover vehicles described.

    I'd keep going and say I was scared it was carjackers.

    F them, F them right in the A.

    If they want to behave like civilians in order to coax people into breaking the law, then under certain circumstances I'm not going to believe they are police either.

    If police really wanted undercover cars to make a difference, every cop-shop should borrow ONE taxi every couple of weeks and book a bunch of people.
    That way, every taxi on the road will act as a deterrant being a possible police car... although us motorcyclists will be able to tell which taxi's are being driven by police based purely on the obvious skill of the driver ;)
  15. When i was pulled over by the VT, I knew the cops were using VX and VY commodores at the time, and the fact that when i passed it and seen all the stickers, then the dudes driving it, i gave it no second thought, almost as soon as i had passed them i heard a siren and looked in the mirror and here was the VT with a blue strobe flashing with the siren going and the other giveaway was the high beams flashing one side at a time(not to many 'fakers' go to that extent, new flasher units etc.) So i pulled over, cautiously got out to two guys with badges out (which I closely inspected) then waited while they radio'd in my details to see if i was a naughty boy. Of course, nothing on me, so off i went, wondering how many others were out there........

  16. don't they have unmarked GSXR 1000's ?
  17. The Byron Bay cops used to have a 450hp VL turbo pursuit car. It was red, lowered, big wheels, long range tanks and really dark windows. Surprised the shit out of a lot of people I know :) They used it mainly to chase WRX's that had been pinched from Brisbane and were being driven to Sydney. Their Falcons and Bombadores couldn't keep up with em. Needless to say the VL could :)

    They also kitted out 6 old shitters one year. They put radars and breathos in a HR Holden, XD Falcon, an old Val and a couple of Sigmas.

    On a kinda related note, the Lismore cops were the first ones to take delivery of the Gen 3's when they first came out in the Commodes. They were quoted in Street Machine as saying they had already taken it out to an unnamed road to see what it was capable of. They reported 250kph :LOL: Of course the article didnt actually name the station, but I have it on good authority that it was Lismore (eg, the actual police involved :grin: )
  18. IF I was a cop in one of them pics…..Hay if you look like your avatar pic then I would be shooting first and asking questions after anyway

  19. I live in the northern sydeny area - and every day on the way to the station i notice numerous unmarked police cars.

    most are completely unmarked commodores (hatch) in any stock colour - but in one instance it was built to look like a trade truck - with a pvc piping and ladder on the top. The only way you can tell are the 'stick on' lights on the front window..