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Unusual internal helmet attachment sighted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Deroman50, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Last week I was on foot and waiting at some traffic lights in the Sydney CBD. There's a guy on a Kawasaki of some sort, waiting for the green light as well. I notice he's got some sort of attachment inside his helmet. It looks like a boom mike but is just below his left eye.

    Does anyone know what this attachment might be?

    Could it be a viewer for a rear view camera?
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  2. There's no way on earth that my geriatric, presbyopic eyes are going to be able to focus on anything that close :(
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  3. I'd love to see how it works for open face helmets. Or if it shows a "true" indication of speed unlike my 110kmh really being 100kmh dead
  4. Maybe someones worked out how to put a camera inside their helmet.. Although the Iron Man HUD thing does sounds kinda cool.
  5. It was probably a Skully Helmet as seen HERE

    $1,500 bucks for that lid ;)
  6. Skully were trying to get AS for their whiz bang helmets last year (I think) ...has camera and comms as standard...I saw a base price of $1700
    I so want one! :)
  7. The last report in January this year (as seen HERE) said they obtained the AS approval and the riders in QLD are already using it, so I guess this means that since January, the AS approved it for other states as well.

    I won't pay that much for it, that's for sure. Quite happy to continue using Sena and having it paired to my iPhone and enjoy the road scenery rather than having to "complicate" my riding further ;)
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  8. Nope. Not one of the those.

    The helmet attachment looked more like the one in the link posted by oldcorollas.

    I'm not sure I need an HUD like that. I'd be worried about the thing hitting me in the eye if I had a crash.

    On the other hand if I had a cruiser style bike with the dials on the tank (very unlikely for me), an HUD would be almost mandatory.