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Until Then ...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Charmed, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. For or against the reason why their there, I dont care on your thoughts.
    Even though the images shown are of US Military Personnel, again I dont care on your thoughts. It could be men & women from any country, ours included for that matter.

    But the images in this are so moving how can one not be touched. Its a pitty this side of it not seen more often. Maybe it should be.

    Click HERE to view.

  2. Thanks Charmed

    Good to see the people side of the War....people just like us.....who didn't choose to be there
  3. Simone,

    Moving yes.. but thats because of how its presented.

    There is however the other side of the coin that the presentation leaves out
    which will move you the wrong way (in disgust & disbelief).

    My clips are too graphic to post links, but they are easily sourced off the net.

    My feelings are neutral on the whole topic.
  4. I'm sorry Charmed. i've almost always agreed with, and certainly respected, every post of yours i've ever read, but when it comes to this stuff, i can't help but be the ultimate cynic. i want to know what the political ties are between GCS Distributing and the goverment; what financial transactions have taken place between them; who's on their board of directors; what's their vested interest.

    according to their website, "GCS believes in promoting patriotism at the grass-roots level. Since its inception, our efforts have been gaining momentum. People are echoing the sentiment that we must learn from history - for those who don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. We must not be a SILENT majority any longer. While we watch silently, our country is being taken from us by those who would misuse our freedoms for their gain. While our country is not perfect, we should be proud to be a part of this great nation."

    it feels like pure propaganda to me. sorry. :cry:
  5. Christ! Good pickup. I didnt even see/notice that. :LOL: ](*,)
  6. I hear where you 2 are coming from, but I didnt post this to get into a deep debate about the pro's & con's of this.

    Was posted just to remind us all about the human face of it. Everyday people who have familes @ home & they miss & are being missed. Also to show some support. Also was posted for the photography alone.

    Just because they are there, doesnt mean they support the cause. Only doing their job that they have choosen & following orders.

    How many have actaully spoken to someone who is or or has done a tour over there? There views may surprise you.

    Anyway. As for the site its posted on. Im not here to support it in any shape or form. Propaganda it may well be. One would have to be blind not to notice it.

    As I said purely posted for the human face side thats very rarely seen, ( as what we do see is probably along the lines that mg is refering to ) & photograph value.

    Oh god subject way to deep for this hour of morning, wheres my bloody coffee :LOL:
  7. War sucks whatever way you look at it and most are only bloody kids. When will the madness that is war end? never while we have humans alive. :roll:
  8. Love the shot of the soldier putting petrol in the donkey...

  9. It's water ya knob :p

    Charmed - You created a thread, expect to have people debate/discuss what you posted.

    Anyway, I wasn't moved the slightest, all I saw are a bunch of fantastic photos!

    I want to be there with my camera!
  10. Yep I did & yes they are, which is all good. But I also said I dont care on there view is & im not here to debate the subject matter. :)

    But Matty my dear, you got the point of the post :wink:
  11. Turn the smultzy sound off and all you get is a propaganda photo war journal.

    Shame on you charmed for even bringing a war subject into this festive season and anyway, it should've been in multimedia (if at all at xmas time.)

    Regardless of politics etc,all troops do a great job and deserve support for the job the pollies send them to do!!!

    Why not just state your war stance instead of hiding behind this propaganda!

    This thread should be terminated. (we are bike riders!!)
  12. It's in "Off Topic", for gawdsake! :roll:

    FWIW, I think the politicians, shock jocks and other jingoist loonies who are always happy to see other people's kids sent off to war zones should all be given a first class one-way fare to the action. If they're so patriotic let them sort it out.
  13. war sux, internal combustion engine powered donkeys however.... :-k

    it just doesnt look like water to me, im not convinced [-(
  14. Carri, we totally see things the same way!

    But I'm lucky...

    I can at least be momentarily distracted by the two cute army girls taking a nap together in the sun :grin:
  15. No problemo Sim. :wink:
  16. what utter crap. :jerk:
  17. I still say it's petrol. :p

    (And for the record, yes nice photo's, but it's still all a bit 'flag-waving' for me)
  18. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Nah mate,
    what is total crap is charmed opening quotes


    "I don't dare for your thoughts" smacks of self righteousness etc etc.

    enough said! :butt:
  19. Yep and they are getting a minimum of $5k per fortnight for serving in the sandpit over there, they are happy to be there for the money, some guys I know of are dirty on the ADF for NOT getting chosen to go over there.
    Dude that’s not a donkey, its an Afghani woman without her veil on.
  20. Your making asumptions, you've prob never met charmed and have no idea about her personal opinions.