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Until I read the article,

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, May 27, 2011.

  1. I thought this might have been a netrider


    What a dick though.


  2. can you just quote the article on here? please?

    i can't load their website for some reason
  3. Roid rage?
  4. thanks.

    and that dude should be in prison without parole for 10 years minimum. that's sickening - drunk or not, PTSD or not... absolutely wrong.
  5. what a load of shit!
    i've suffered PTSD in the past and it didn't make me violent, i reacted badly to the medication they gave me but didn't make me violent.
    they HAVE to stop using bullshit medical conditions to condone violence toward ANYONE, not just women.
    and as for killing the kittens for entertainment, as much as i hate cats that's just not right. give me a locked room with him in it, a baseball bat and immunity
  6. Bloke needs to disappear into a deep dark hole for a VERY long time.

    Hate to imagine what would have happened if it has 2 kids in the place instead of two kittens...
  7. I know that the lives of many innocent kittens are needlessly and shamefully squandered on this forum, but this wasn't the piece of evidence that raised your suspicions, was it?
    Have we a twitcher amongst us?