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Unsung heros?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by oldmanriver, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Ok so whats with these Hyosung bikes? Are they any good? They are pretty cheap but are they worth a punt or something that will last only a few months before needing to be replaced?

  2. Don't do it, they've proven to be poorly designed, badly built, and Hyosung Australia cannot be trusted.

    <---- I should know I own one...
  3. Good compared to other bikes, or good compared to the Harleys you were looking at in another thread ;)

    Search is your friend on this one, quality of Hyosungs has been well and truly discussed before (again and again and again...)
  4. You may want to search the forum .. plenty of info worth taking in.
  5. +1

    Have a read, there are dozens of angry owners. Sure there are some happy ones, but I'd never buy a bike when such a huge % of owners are pissed off and having big problems that take a long time to be sorted out.
  6. This comment is as unqualified as a person who doesn't own one if you're considering a brand new Hyo.

    The new ones are a LOT better than stigger's '04 and they've come leaps and bounds from where they used to be. Good bike, put a smile on my face for my first machine and has put a smile on the face of the guy who bought it off of me.

    The trick to it is to maintain the bugger - learn a bit about your machine and it'll go fine. For a while in the beginning I had no idea I had to lube my chain between servicing... haha. wow, what a mistake that was. Other than that it's been fine. I had a few small hiccups when it rolled out of the dealer but warranty fixed everything, and will continue to for the 2nd owner for the next 12 months. Hassle free!
  7. Its saving grace. It seems that every Hyosung owner has issues under warrenty.
  8. Please don't talk for me and many other people, I have had no problems in a year and a half, with plenty of km's travelled, Great bike...
  9. From everything I have read, it seems that it is a Gamble.
    Some people are very happy with them, and others have endless issues. So there are definite quality management issues.(If nothing else)
    And to deny that is just being dishonest. Now if you have been lucky, then more power to you. but when advising someone what to buy, you have to acknowledge the number of people who do have major issues with them
  10. I've ridden a new and although the quality has improved it still isn't good enough for the marginal difference in price, and Hyosung Australia are still the lying bastards they always were.

    The trick unfortunately isn't in the maintenance an excuse used often by owners, they have/had some fundamental design flaws and QA problems which meant if yours was going to go no amount of chain oiling would stop it.
  11. I think with most things in life that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, more than likely, it's a turd. ;)
  12. So you have had no problems at all, haven't had to take it back to the dealer to fix anything?

    Well that makes me feel a lot better about Hyosung. When I'm buying new I want something thats reliable. Yes it has a warrenty when new but its a poor product if the majority of people are taking them back due to faults.
  13. What's plenty of kms travelled? I managed about 10,000kms between engine failures.
  14. if you are coming back to bikes, look at the kawasaki er6. easy to ride, upright position...
  15. I have the naked 250 (in bright yellow) and love it! The only real problem I've had is a noisy front break but it doesn't detract from the performance or handling. I chose the Hyo because I know nothing about bikes and wanted the security of the warranty. I was also on a budget and didn't see a reason to spend my kid's inheritance on a bike I knew I was only going to use for 18 months.

    In fact I nearly opted for the VTR but the dealer insisted my wife would need a license in order to purchase it for me, so Les Penner sold me the Hyo 30 minutes later.

    Hyosung fill a niche, in my humble opinion and as I am no longer a total noob on a budget, I will be looking at something bigger, more powerful and more refined than the budget Hyo.
  16. I saw the new Kwaka 250 in the flesh on the weekend... shortly after looking closely at some bright yellow 250 sports hyo's that I happened across... and all I can say is, the fat lady has (hyo)sung. The kwaka looked hot. :cool:
  17. whoa!
    i misread that one....
    i thought you were calling for well-hung heroes :?
    unfortunately, i cant help you.
  18. Uh oh! I also misread, sorry! But now that I'm here.....
  19. what about for unhung zeros??

  20. that would surely be your department, my dear argumentative friend. :p