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Unsuccessful PPSR search - 1982 Ducati

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tubehead, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. I was wondering what the next step is if the vin number does not show up on PPRS search ?
    The bike would not have been registered for at least 15 years maybe more.


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  2. Vehicles that old may have a chassis number not a 17(I think) digit VIN.
    The PPSR doesn't have information on all vehicles built pre-89
  3. As Tweet said, being a pre 1989 bike it won't have a VIN number.
    Your chassis number is the one in the bottom right (top left in your image) that commences with 44... You can search PPRS with this chassis, but it doesn't guarantee a result due to your reference of years since it's been registered.
  4. ok thanks I have tried every number combination but that one I will give that a shot.
  5. I went through this years ago on what I thought was Husky that had been regoed in Western Oz. I had a partially, not complete rego request form from WA dated 1974. The Oz distributor had no pre 85 records and it turn out to be a private import. No one else in either state rego offices WA or NSW had no old records. I ended up getting it registered as a pre ADR bike after lots of inspections over the pits. Good luck with this, you need to with luck get the right bloke at the RTA or whatever its called this week. Do you know what the frame is off,have you tried asking the usual suspects, Phil at Road and Race or Mike at Gowies.