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Unsuccessful 1st turn...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by NickyDiles19, May 5, 2008.

  1. Me after an unsuccessful 1st turn 1st race 1st lap at the Vic Titles...

    Not as bad as it looks luckily... Back racing on Sunday... :grin: Just a racing incident which was nobody's fault but wasn't preventable...
  2. Simultaneously my most and least favourite turn.

    Glad to hear you were ok, especially after the pic. Neck..... :cry:

    Can we get a blow-by-blow description?
  3. 1st turns my favorite turn :LOL:

    Yeah, coming into first turn, i was in 2nd and the rider infront ran a little wide so i went on the inside and as i was on the inside, he came back in tight and i had no choice but to grab the brakes and try avoiding a collision but i ended up running into the back of him and luckily he didnt get any major injuries either but it was just a racing incident... nobodies fault... just a 1st turn incident...
  4. Ah crap....good to hear it wasn't as bad as the pic makes it look - hope you have better luck on Sunday!
  5. Yeah, that happened saturday but what i was meant to say was i was back racing on the sunday just gone... at the vic titles...
  6. Hey Nicky, what class was that in? I was in F3 and watched as much as I could when I wasn't racing.

    How bad was the circuit this time. I've never seen so many cracks and sealing patches. To think that the ASC are there in a couple of weeks.
  7. Mate, you should get at least three sympathy roots just on the strength of that photo. That's definately one to show the grandkiddies. Just don't expect to combine the first and second sentences there.
  8. Go easy Loz, poor bloody Nicky is still only 15. The woman beside him is his Mum.
    You rode like a flippin' demon on Sunday arvo Nicky. A few more hits on the head must be needed.
  9. G'day Nicky, mate very sorry to see that picture of you. It seems that I was too busy worrying about my own (disappointing) times to keep an eye on the other classes.

    Seeing this thread I had a look at the Festival of Champions CD your mother had given me at Oran and it was excellent viewing!

    If you were chasing down first place when you dropped it, then you must have been riding pretty bloody hard! Computime seems to be down and Prestons haven't posted results yet so I can't see how you finished up but I've no doubt you you raced well.

    I hope that you're carrying no injuries and hope to have a chat at some race/track day somewhere.

    Dean - KTM Super Duke 990

    P.S. Rog, why so protective? Loz's suggestion would have suited me as well at 15 as it does at 41? Right? Good to have a chat with you at Winton as well!