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Unsolicited rage on Mt Panorama

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by blackjacket, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. You guys aren't gonna believe this, but I got raged on the mountain!

    I live in Bathurst, and I was doing one of my leisurely laps around the mountain one morning. Not many cars about as usual, and as I head down the dippers, I see an old Ford about 100-200m up ahead. Great I'm thinking, there's no way he can hold me up round the last bend before Conrod Straight. I'm certain I'm not speeding because a) I don't have many points on my licence and b) cops like to hide around the mountain, so I watch my speedo religiously. My bike is easily audible from 200m.

    Anyway so I'm humming to myself as I approach Forrest's Elbow and lean in. I'm doing about 60 because well that's the speed limit and I'm well within mine. This is a blind bend, with about 1 metre of ''shoulder'' before the concrete wall. As I'm halfway through, I see this ****er parked on the shoulder IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BEND! I.e. half his car is in the middle of the apex.

    It was a shock, but I'm no novice and avoided him instinctively. Came to a stop, chucked a you-ie, but oh look, he's decided to get going again! He stops when I pull up by his window and I'm shouting "what the hell are you doing" above the bike. He's some morbidly obese fat **** with white hair, one of those people who takes 5 minutes to get out of the car at Aldi. He mumbles something and starts moving as the next car (200m behind me) appears behind him.

    I'm used to dickheads in Sydney closing the gap while filtering and such, but!!!!!! Was fuming for a while there...

  2. As a local you probably see the tourists all the time, often they don't seem to get that it is a public road. Common sense should apply but alas it is far too uncommon.

    Glad you are OK. :)
  3. I'm inclined to think he did it on purpose, because there is no great photo op just there.
  4. :LOL:
  5. Good work avoiding him. I have done a few laps around the mountain, and for those who don't know it, forest elbow is not only blind but damn steep.
  6. Taking a photo the place were Dick Johnson went off big time.
  7. Because of the history of the track it's probably busier than the main street on any given day and realistically you've got to expect people to be driving on it and stoping in strange places.

    The other problem is people lapping the track on race line only to forget it's a two way road and being on the wrong side of the road when one of the residents is going up Conrod the "wrong way".
  8. Probly pulled over in a hurry to concentrate on filling his colostomy bag.
  9. Maybe he was having a rather large feed and needed all his limbs to hold up his massive burrito burger to his salivating mouth..........
    Good work on avoiding him as if you hit him he may have inhaled his arms.

  10. So if you were doing all the yelling and screaming, and he was just mumbling, how exactly were you raged?
  11. Sorry I didn't meet the technical requirements, I suppose I was the rager then.