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unsettled bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by syd rs125, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Just woundering if anyone has any tips or techniques on how to keep the bike from being unsettled when aggressive changing of direction??
    Noticed it a few times when hard on the brakes before a corner or going from one direction to another sliding my bum off and leaning my body over at the same time sometimes feels like i have upset the bike a bit just before the corner entry.
    I'm consciously thinking of keeping my hands gentle and being smooth on the controls when doing all of this and i know u can set up long before the corner which isn't a problem but those hard changes of direction or just when u leave it till the last second seem to be where i need to improve.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Use your knees to slide your bum across - not your hands. Get off to one side before you get to the corner. Be smooth, etc.
  3. When you say "Unsettled"...do you mean the suspension is wallowing around?
    What bike are you on?
  4. Could be the bike, bad suspension etc, could be you expecting too much from the bike. Road conditions etc. Maybe you are too tense. Just let the bike move under you, once the bike is pointed in the right direction, dont fight with the bike to be firm on the road. If the road is rough, the bike will travel a bit form side to side on hard cornering, this shouldnt cause any problems unless you are going too fast for the conditions
  5. Hopefully we're not close to seeing a "rider down" post.
    Maybe you're being to aggressive on a small bike.
    Maybe you need to plan better.
    How do you drive a cage? Are you smooth in that or do you scream up to a corner and yank on the wheel as you stomp on the brake peddle then complain the the POS understeers!
    If you're not to big for your bike, be smooth.
  6. Try to get your body position movements over before you start braking.
  7. I don't think i am close at all to binning it i never feel like i am in danger or out of control just seem to upset the bike sometimes when hard on the brakes or going straight from a hard left to a hard right or vice versa.
    i am 173cm tall and 80kg on an aprilia rs 125.
    i don't drive a cage at all.
    the suspension isn't really wallowing i think it is more rider error than the bike.
    i try to use my kness to get my bum across but when hard on the brakes at the same time it's a little difficult not to bring the arms a little into the equation.
  8. The Bike WILL move around a bit underneath you, until you are able to snap straight into position for a given corner.
    Being Smooth, takes a fair while to accomplish, and even then, you'll have your days...

    Sounds like your body movement is causing the bike to jossle a bit...as long as it's not too pronounced, I would'nt worry to much...
    In the meantime try braking a little less aggressively (start braking earlier), so the forces in play at the time you are repositioning, are reduced and more manageable, and slow down a little bit in the "flip-flops", so you have more time to be smooth from side to side.
  9. ^ What everyone else said. I actually don't mind the bike wiggling underneath me because after a second or two it straightens itself out. You can minimise the wiggling by being smoother.
  10. your FIRST movement from one side to the other is to bring the knee into the tank (the one that is hanging out that is) and lock that there before any other movement.

    gives the bike another settling point to help reduce the wiggles

  11. Sweet thanks guys some good food for thought there.
  12. Are you using pressure on your opposite foot peg to slide your body over?
  13. Sounds like you're using the handle bars to hoist your body around.

    +1 Jeffa.
  14. I'm pretty ordinary with this too, but working on it, and found out yesterday that I was shifting too much weight around the pegs by lifting slightly off the seat when getting into position. Just slide your ass off, don't lift it up...unless you're mooning a cop that's chasing :LOL:
  15. I just had a day riding with Jason and I have to say that he is one of the fastest and most composed learnersi have seen..................no wobbles at a fast pace through the Wollombi twisties etc.

    He slides across easily without any movement from the bike when at speed. He did not have any wobbles, but we were doing 70 through 35k bends etc..................did lemmings easily :cool:

    he says that it only happens on quick switchback bends, so he will be playing with the above techniques.

    The only thing is to start with his knee in first before any other movement and he should have been doing this today even on the faster bends, just to get the feel of it.

    All good

  16. Hahahahah composed until i overtook that car and realised the boys had turned off and locked up the back wheel almost got run over almost went off the road and just made the turn. :LOL: