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Unscheduled Tiger nap

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spots, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Oops. :)

    So, my '07 Tiger 1050's had its first nap on its side. Presumably it was upset at being woken up so early for the commute to work and decided to just go straight back to bed. :p

    I wheeled it out of the garage and went to put it on the centrestand so I could close the garage door and finish putting on my gear. Lifted the big mechanical cat about halfway up onto the centrestand and then my foot slipped off the lever. I stumbled a bit, the Tiger stumbled a bit, hilarity ensued.

    The damage:
    * Bent front brake lever
    * Shattered front right indicator diffuser (indicator still operable)
    * Snapped Barkbuster Storm handguard at the plastic/aluminium connection.
    * Bent custom barend weight + screw
    * Scratched bar-end mirror ;.;
    * Cosmetic damage to the washer which goes into the end of the bar-end weight.
    * Very minor cosmetic scuffing on the edge of the pillion peg hanger, rear brake lever, rear brake caliper pin..
    * Had to wipe concrete dust off of the bottom of the right fork leg too.

    No damage to the engine or fairings/plastics. =D>
    And despite the bent bar-end weight, the throttle assembly is intact and not deformed. Phew.

    Have some photos, too.
    Tigerdamage1 shows the damaged parts removed from the bike; left side is intact, right is damaged.
    Tigerdamage2 shows the bent brake lever.
    Tigerdamage3 shows the damaged bar-end weight and countersunk bolt. Managed to deform the billet aluminium. :-O The two bar-end weights cost me a 6-pack of Coca Cola, so I guess replacing the damaged one will cost 3 cans of coke...?

    Depending on how much a brake lever and indicator cost, it shouldn't be too dear to fix. This is the first time my Tiger's been on its side, and my VTR250 before that tipped over on soft ground once.

    If two stationary drops - both when I'm not even on the bike - are all I have to worry about in 110,000km and 5 years of riding, I shouldn't complain. Touch wood. :)

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  2. Crazy, I did less damage throwing myself and the bike down the road at ~70kmh.
  3. I think I'd rather drop mine in the garage though...
  4. Let us know how you go straightening that brake lever...
  5. Really? What were you riding and what got damaged?

    I thought the Tiger didn't do too bad, with ultimately just a smashed indicator, and some damage to some of the hardware on one end of the handlebar.
  6. Pretty crappy barkbusters if they break from a stationary drop
  7. I would agree... if they were the type intended to be crash protection. Barkbuster Storm handguards are for wind and weather protection on road bikes, not for knocking down houses. :)

    The variant of the Storm guards I have are mounted cantilever - the aluminium bracket clamps inboard of the handlebar controls only, there is no bar-end connection and no steel or aluminium spine as you would have with "real" house-smashing tree-murdering handguards like ones which would be fitted to an enduro/dirt bike.
  8. learn something new every day
  9. You should have crashed it properly, you probably wouldn't have done any MORE damage than that

    as in, that's a lot of damage for a stationary drop :(
  10. That brake lever looks soooo wrong. :LOL:
  11. It's the falls onto their sides while stationary than seem to do the most damage.
    If your puddie-tat is tired, and seems to need more rest these days, then maybe you need a new one, Spots! :)
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  14. bad luck mate!

    glad to see you're taking some humour of of it though, hope it doesnt cost you to much!
  15. Ouch ... nasty.
  16. Jeez Spots. the least you could have done was drop in a feat of daring-do so you could dine out on the tale.

    Glad to hear it is not too badly bent.
  17. And you didn't do it in front of an audience, a la Deadman at the Jindy net rider meet!
  18. Thanks, guys. ;)

    I replaced the indicator, brake lever 'n bar-end on the weekend, coming in at just under $100. Aside from the snapped barkbuster and scratched mirror, good as new! Though I *should* be able to splint the Barkbuster with some fibreglass or get it plastic-welded back together, hmmm. :-k

    Plenty of time to think about how to cheaply mend the barkbuster anyway. Summer appears to have arrived in Brisbane which means the Barkbusters get removed once again. My paws need all the airflow they can get so I don't destroy my perforated gloves with sweat. :p
  19. Ouch Spots! :(
    Sorry to see that, looks like it'll take a lot more than this bandaid to make it feel better ...

    (pic shamelessly stolen from Rusti's Sat Prac gallery )

    but good to see it's on the mend. :)