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Unrestricted - Test rides here I come

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ausfox, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. At 0930 this morning the 1st of August I received my unrestricted licence from the RTA.

    So some time soon in the future I'll be starting to test ride as many bikes as I can. It will more than likely be a slow process due to work, kids, wife etc. But I'll keep a tally of the bikes I've ridden and my personal thoughts.

    Would be nice to get off the 250 but it does the job for the moment.


  2. Congrats Ausfox ............ plenty of test rides lining up by the sound of things, you choose carefully now ;)
  3. Certainly will @Lionz

    Can't wait. Now to get the time. If only I didn't have to work.
  4. Just bought a Triumph Tiger Sport, absolutely love it, a triumph triple has to be on your list of test rides.
  5. Congrats! I'm 1.5 weeks away aswell, already got test rides lined up for the street triple, z1000 and tuono :)
  6. Have fun and please keep us updated! I'm 25 days away and looking at a Speed Triple.
  7. I'm four weeks away, bought the ninja1000 sight unseen, arse unridden. Just fell in love a year ago!
  8. #8 Ausfox, Aug 1, 2013
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    And I bet you haven't ridden it either.

    Nice bike.

    It's on the list the ninja thou along with the z1000, z800 and 636, stripler and daytona, probably a CBR600RR too.
  9. No, on a public forum, of COURSE I have not taken it out for a squirt. ;)
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  10. I absolutely love the new Daytona 675R wish they would put that engine / brakes / suspension in the street triple, don't care if it costs more... I tried sitting on it and its like riding a race horse, footpegs are so high.
  11. I know the feeling. I went unrestricted 2 weeks ago and haven't test ridden anything yet :\
  12. The new 675 motor in the 2013 Daytona is intoxicating. I had a wide range of bikes that I wanted to upgrade from my 2012 Street Triple R. I had a test ride with the 2013 Daytona a couple of weeks ago and I liked the new motor, but I couldn't see myself living with the racing position. If the 2014 Street Triple R is given the same motor then I will consider that for next year.

  13. It would be a stunning combination, would be nice if they could shove the brembo brakes on aswell, they can just call it the Street Triple RR or something lol. Its amazing they go to the trouble of making 2 different motors when I don't think the Daytona engine even gives up any low end torque for its top end.
  14. Hopefully riding today. But I'm thinking its more 90% no.

    So hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday.
  15. Went for a ride today to my local Triumph dealer.


    Street triple and Daytona. Both standard models.

    Took the street out first.
    Sounded the best out of the two. Both had standard exhausts.
    Would be the most comfortable if I was a commuter, which I'm not.
    Handled beautifully but didn't seem to me as much fun in the corners as the daytona.
    Still not taken on the looks.
    The daytona was awkward to sit on initially, but once I got going and after about 5 mins it felt really good. Don't know if I'd tire of it quickly as a commuter. Probably.
    Cornering the daytona was the most fun I have had with my pants on.
    I'm only 5'10" and did not feel cramped.

    Both were just fun.
    Fun fun fun fun fun.
    Both were smooth.
    Definitely felt the lower down torque of the Streets engine.

    One thing I found really annoying on the street and not so annoying on the daytona were the mirrors.
    Could see a pinch of on the street but could see some more on the daytona.
    Just wanted to see how far ahead of the cars from the lights.

  16. I hear that complaint a lot about the streets mirrors, Rizoma make some nice ones for it already though.

    I went and sat on the Daytona again on Saturday, it felt more comfortable for some reason so I am test riding that also along with the street and z1000.

    Did you really find the Street had more torque down low? Not sure if they are geared differently or not but I was under the impression the Daytona doesn't really loose any low end torque compared to the street. Unless the new engine has a radically different output due to the new shorter stroke.
  17. I thought the street had more torque.
    Could've been because I rode it first. Could've been the sound.
    Daytona was more comfortable at road pace I thought.
  18. The Street Tripple revs to ~13k RPM while daytona to ~15k.
    The Street Tripple feels a bit more linear than daytona and has a little bit less grunt by the feel of it. In a city traffic Street would be easier to ride overall.

    So there definitely are some noticeable differences in the engines.

    Also the brakes on Street Tripple R (brembos) are not as grabby and feel friendlier than Daytona's Nissins (standard model, stopping power is scary).

    Just my $0.02 after some test rides.
  19. Interesting, I did much reading on the 11/12' models and many guys did the cam swaps from daytona to street and didn't see any loss of low end torque. Guess the new engine dimensions changes the game a bit. The differences between the 2 new engines are very significant.

    Originally this was my idea for the street triple but I'm leaning towards getting the daytona now as I would prefer the extra power for the strip along with the brembos monobloc's and ohlins.

    I think you have the brakes back to front ;)
  20. Not necessarily what I was referring to. Maybe daytona has a bit more punch in higher RPMs and is similar to Steet in lower.
    But hard to remember exactly now.

    The extra power you get from Daytona would probably come in higher RPM range, otherwise the difference isn't that big.
    I probably wouldn't notice the difference between Ohlins and KYB suspension.

    Street Tripple R was definitely softer and "plusher" than stock Daytona (they both have KYB I think). Ohlins - I'm probably 10 years away from being able to tell the difference :)

    The ABS worked great on Street Tripple though. I tried to lock the rear a few times in wet, but couldn't ABS kicked in.

    The standard daytona has Brembo brakes at the back and they felt pretty soft and non-grabby, which I liked because it gave me a little bit more feel.
    Didn't dare to lock up the rear on non-ABS Daytona while test riding.

    No, no. Nissins on Daytona ARE grabbier and stronger than Brembos on Street Tripple R.
    I didn't do enough braking to compare how they perform under more stress, but I'm telling you the Nissins are freaking scary and I couldn't see how they can be any worse than Brembos!

    I definitely can see ABS being very benefitial for standard daytona with such strong brakes. You panic grab it at slow-ish speed and lock-up is not too far away.
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