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Unrestricted License

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duffman, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Passed my full license test this morning, so i am no longer stuck to 250cc's!

    I didnt loose a single point on the test, so i was stoked with that. When we finished, the instructor was laughing as i walked over to him and he said he had never before seen someone scraping a foot peg on a license test lol it was only a slight scrape!

    So the shopping begins. As much as i think i should wait until i can really afford my next bike, i think in reality i will want to get onto something else ASAP.

    First on the test ride list is a 650 Suzuki Vstrom. Other than that, maybe a nice mid capacity (650 ish) sports tourer. Not interested in a full on superdike, as i do lots of long distance country stints so comfort is high on the list of priorities. Of course, an F800ST still excites me but i think that will be a little out of reach for now.

    So hopefully i can find something in the next little while and get out there.

  2. ^^
  3. That's the full Freudian too, because the keys are not close enough for it to be a typo.

    Congratulations, anyway!!!

    (edited once to clear up a typo. snickers to herself.)
  4. what state are you in ? i didn't know you had to do 3 tests, so like L's,P's,Full license test to get on unrestrictions ???
  5. keep away from the darkside
    try an er6f
  6. That's what I was wondering...
  7. Go for the V-Strom, but talk to Geggvasco first, he lurves his, and he'll tell you all about it.....

    {psst, read the profiles, peoples, duffman is in WA, says so over there

  8. Eh Hornet, it only says Fremantle. You might be expecting too much!!

  9. Congratulations on excellent test results Duffman [​IMG]
  10. congratulations Duffman :grin:

    Maybe a vfr800 might be worth a look, i am on a zzr600 and would suggest it for a step up bike, but if you are looking new a vfr800 is more upright than most, Honda engine, fuel injection, good look and more than enough power.

    Or a sprint ST, but that is jsut cause i can't get it out of my head
  11. The weestrom (650 vstrom) is very high on my list too. Got one lined up for a test ride when i get off restrictions in 2 weeks!

    I'm in the same boat as you in that I can't really afford to upgrade but at about $10,000 ride away for a brand newey I'm awfully tempted!
  12. Definitely have a think about a GSX750F, they're very reasonably priced and are renowned for their touring comfort. Check out the katrider forum which has a stack of good info.
  13. congrats mate, it's about time :)
  14. thanks guys.

    "superdike" what was i thinking? I cant even figure out how i could type that. :roll: :roll: that reminds me i must get my prescription refilled :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Oh and yes, Paul is right I am in WA. How many other Fremantle's are there? Actually dont answer that cause there are bound to be at least a couple :)

    And Kyro and peeahh,
    In WA you do a simple computer test to get your L's. That allows you to ride with an instructor. You have lessons and then you sit the practical test to get your restricted license. Then you are restricted for 12 months. Then you sit another test (basically the same as the P's rest) and you become "unrestricted" and can ride anything. Just to complicate the whole process, if the bike license is your first license (ie no car license) then you have to do this log book crap and then stay on P's for 2 yrs. Clear as mud hey?
  15. Yeah thanks Paul. Thats the plan at the moment. The 650 Strom.
    And yes i remember the threads about Greg and a couple of others with Vstroms, so i'll search back through them again. I had a small test ride on one a few months ago and was very happy, but now that i can legally take one out on the roads, i will have too.

    I was looking through the paper on the weekend and even '05 Stroms are going for 8.5g's! So they seem to hold their value incredibly well. So if that is the price range then i will probably end up going for brand new because 10g's with 2yr warranty and all that is a much better deal.
  16. +1
  17. Congrats, Duffman!
    So you get to be unrestricted after your 2nd prac test? Not fair! But good for you. Enjoy test riding as many as you can.
  18. yep we can. But remember that we cant ride round on our L's without an instructor. So in actual fact i guess by the time we sit our test we have probably ridden less than you guys but have had far more supervised riding time.

    I still cant figure out why there isnt a common licensing system across OZ.
  19. Right, so it's more like our Car licence procedure...

    Don't know whether to say dix to you or dix to us! :p
  20. How many Dockers are there ?

    I wouldn't mind moving to NSW to get my unrestricted license straight away (as I'm over 30) rather than having to deal with Ps for a year. Doubt I'd fork out for a bigger bike within the next year though so maybe I'll just enjoy any assumptions that because I have Ps I'm a youngster