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Unrestricted Learner Bike???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bundy, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    got my learners and a QRide course coming up in which I will go straight to my open licence.

    So not having ridden a lot of bikes, and none on the road (mostly ag bikes around farms)

    What would be a good secondhand starter for under $4000

    I would like something
    - cheap to start on
    - not too much power to get me into trouble due to inexperience
    - but then something I'm not going to get bored with after a couple of months

    (probably asking too much from one bike here)

    Having trouble deciding whether to go cheap 250, something like a GPX, and sell it when I get more confident and know what I want

    or step into something like a GS500 or ER5

    Opinions on what to look at would be greatly appreciated,


    ps not a fan of the cruiser style - so please exclude those
  2. Go the GS500 or ER5 if you can get one for in your budget. Dont forget gear and insurance.

    Dont ignore the GPX - ZZR 250's either depending on your riding requirements and a few other things.

    It sounds like you could handle a dirt bike if your distances are not great too.
  3. Do you have any idea of the type of riding you'll be doing?

    What are your physical characteristics? :)

    You could probably pick some decent CBR600 and ZZ-R600s for that money.
  4. Did you read the OP?
  5. yep sorry, should have put that info in too

    Mainly commuting, which is mostly 80 and 100 km/hr, total trip is only for about 12 mins

    5'11" and 70 kg

    Got the gear organised, Shoei TZ-R, haven't decided on jacket, and will get gloves and boots and then pants. Under $4000 was for bike budget, wouldn't do it without the right safety gear.

  6. Nope, I just put my tin foil cap on again...

    I know a number of people who've started on a mid-capacity sport-tourers with no problems. And if you're doing considerable freeway miles I think they're a _much_ better option than other 'learner' bikes.
  7. Given your intended usage it's probably more a case of finding something you're comfortable on, like the looks of, and is in good condition. Everything listed would be fine for your intended purpose.

    That said, you'd probably be more comfortable on something bigger than a 250 though.

    I'd also guess an ER would be harder to offload than the others when you're looking to move on.
  8. Not once he's done qride.

    cbr600f, zzr600, yzf600, etc. can be found quite cheap. They do have probably close to 100hp which is more than enough to get you in trouble, but with some restraint you'll be fine.
  9. What do people think about the XJ600 and do Honda have something like this from the 90's

    100hp sounds a bit out of my league just at the moment

  10. If you're quick:

    Otherwise other grey-import 400s might be worth a look given QLD seems to be where most of them come into the country. Buying anything too big for that budget runs the risk of getting something with ultra-high kms or just plain stuffed.