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Unrestricted at last!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Finaly, I now can legaly pillion passengers, drink 2 schooners of beer, ride non lams bike, not restricted to 90 clicks, and I dont have to carry them poofy red p plates no more!

  2. +10 enjoy the freedom mate.
  3. :dance: Congrats! 7 Days to go for me! :woot: and I will be joining you.
  4. well done. so what bike are you looking at?
  5. Your system must be different than ours.

    Restrictions = 12 months from passing the level two test. and just means you are stuck to a LAMS bike.

    P Plates are only neccisary if you are still on your P's (or L's) on your car license. If you are on your full license you skip them and they just emply normal P plate restrictions (No alcohol etc...)

    We can carry pillions and go over 80km/h as soon as we pass the level two test.

    Anyway, Have fun ;)
  6. Hmm someone from NSW correct me if I'm wrong, but you actually can't carry pillion passengers for a further 12 months after you get your full licence.
  7. Sweet for you! It's a nice feeling to be rid of those P-plates ay!
  8. Thanks guys, hmmm nope, once on your fulls you can pillion.
  9. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/mrh_october2000.pdf

    The rulebook says you have to hold a riders license for 12 months before you can pillion someone.

  10. The 12 months refered to is inclusive of the provisional period. Note that legislation states you must have had a riders licence for 12 months, not an unrestricted riders licence for 12 months.
  11. 12 month applies to people with gold license who have no cc restrictions except they must not carry passangers while on there L's
  12. Well Done thecptn!
    Just got off mine the other day. While I can't afford another bike for a while, I took a pillion (my gf) for a ride.
  13. Well done. I've only goy 10 more weeks to actually get my license back. May they pass quickly.
  14. Good news thecptn

    Life gets better from here on in.

  15. woohoo ya survived the first 12 months, well done mate. :applause: