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VIC Unregistered vehicle permit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by davey_charlie, May 24, 2010.

  1. Anyone know what they are roughly worth in vic for a bike?

  2. check the stickies in this forum I'm sure somewhere in there your question will be answered.
  3. got one for 28 days for $69.00
  4. Thanks for updating your thread. I have a bike getting here next week and I will need a permit to get the roadworthy done and then take it for the registration. At least now I know what I am up for.

    Are they all 28 days, or can you get shorter ones? I don't think I will need a 28 day one, but if that is all you can get than I guess it doesn't matter.
  5. you can get shorter ones, i cant remember but its like a $20 fee for one day then $1.60 for each additional day or something which works out to be $69
  6. Great, thanks for your help.

    Hopefully I can get away with only spending $30 or so, as I should only need at most 7 days or thereabouts.
  7. I needed to find this out a while back looking at options relating to the possibility of buying a bike without a roadworthy. I rang VicRoads and they had the info.

    Sorry i didn't go ahead so have forgotten the details but from memory you can buy as little as a single day permit or a permit for a month. But buying in short amounts you pay more per day, that is the longer you buy, the cheaper per day it gets.
  8. Don't forget to insure this one davey_charlie ;)
  9. You can get a 7 day permit but it is not much cheaper than the 28 day one! Just under $50 I think. Personally I would go the 28 day, if you need to wait for parts or find more to do than you realised you run out of time on the 7 day and have to get another!
  10. True, but the bike doesn't need any parts, should pass the RXC without any problems at all. Tyres are brand new, etc. Before I get the permit though I am going to make the booking with Vicroads to make sure of when I can get it in with them to egt the registration done. $50 or thereabouts is better in my pocket than in theirs!!
  11. don't worry full comp is lined up straight after rego
  12. Should be lined up as soon as you get it, not after registration. What happend sif you wait until after it is registered and you drop the bike on the way to get it registered? You have no cover. You should be able to get a cover note to cover you until you can update them with the registration number, etc.
  13. Sorry for reviving an old thread (was about to create a new one and found this).
    Does anyone know how long it takes to get a UVP? Is it an instant print out thing once I've filled out the form online and paid or will I need to wait for a letter?

    Looking to purchase an unregistered bike for the track, assuming it's roadworthy this feels like a decent option to get it home. Cheaper than sorting out a trailer/transport anyway.
  14. I'd be a little cautious about day permits for track bikes. There are a number of issues.

    If the track bike has been a non-repairable write-off, it won't be eligible for registration. In effect, it will be permanently unroadworthy. It pays to check this pre-purchase.

    The intent of the legislation is to allow someone to drive, ride or tow the vehicle to where it can be registered or sold or stored, by the most direct route (main roads) They want whatever it is to be in a roadworthy condition, though a roadworthy may not be necessary. 7 days provides for enough flexibility for most to pick the day.

    I've done this two or three times over many years. The only one in recent times was for a large trailer. I did get an authorisation number and an electronic copy was sent by email. What made it easy is that the trailer had a lapsed registration and still had the plate on it. The plate number can be put on the "system" for the time the permit is valid for, so that you won't set off an unregistered vehicle alert when you pass automated systems with registration plate recognition. In my case, the trailer didn't have a VIN, but had been registered some years before and carried the same plate it had always had.

    I did look at the web site but made the initial contact with Vicroads by phone and found the operator to be most helpful. I'd do the same again. I did this a little over a year ago and it was so little in the way of drama that I've pretty much dismissed the memory entirely.

    I hope this helps.
  15. Ah, great. Thanks for the info, helps a lot. I'm not sure what it's current use has been, has all of the RWC requirements, but it's entirely possible it is a write off. I'll be looking up VIN etc. when I get it to find out for sure.
    I was just weighing up costs. I can get a UVP for the day for under $40, while hiring a trailer or getting transport would be near $100. Guess it's probably worth just coughing up the additional $60 to avoid hassle, especially with the whole "MOTUS" thing going on at the moment.
  16. Yeah the UVP doesn't allow you to just ride around as if it's registered fully. Only allowed to drive from the purchase location to home directly, and also from home to mechanics, vicroads etc and back. Anyone you can borrow a trailer from? Doesn't need to be a bike trailer necessarily. I have been carting my bikes to the track for years with a humble 6x4 box trailer.