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Unregistered Drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. A new report by the RACV is more than a little worrying:

    Figures show an increasing number of motorists are driving unregistered vehicles.

    RACV general manager Ken Ogden says seven years ago 24,000 Victorians were caught driving unregistered vehicles.

    He says by last year, that figure had almost doubled to 47,000.

    Mr Ogden says 900 people a year are also caught driving without a licence.

    "It puts an unfair burden on the honest motorist because they have to pay their greater share of road taxes and TAC [Transport Accident Commission] premiums," he said.

    "And of course with a driver's licence in the courts, pretty much the ultimate sanction, short of jail, is taking a driver's licence away and if people are continuing to drive, even if their licence is suspended, it calls into question the whole enforcement system."

    -Don't think jail or licence suspension should be the only option for people that continue to drive whilst unlicenced/unregistered, perhaps we should follow the New Zealand system and impound their vehicles.
  2. +1 vote for impounding \:D/
  3. Stop issueing infringements for unregistered vehicles and watch the stats plummet!
  4. There's not enough hours in the day to document the number of people who have come before the courts while driving unlicenced, or disqualified, who have had non-existent licences suspended or cancelled, and walked free. Here's just one of hundreds of examples; http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,16275629%5E2902,00.html
    Note the last sentence, for God's sake!!!
    The sequence should be.
    1. original offence ---> suspension for a period determined by the severity of the crime.
    2. driving while suspended ---> canellation of all licences, irrespective of circumstances OR THE SEVERITY OF THE SECOND OFFENCE, for a minimum of 5 years.
    3. Driving cancelled ---> 12 months gaol, no mitigating circumstances, no non-parole period for good behaviour.
  5. rofl
  6. thanks judge hornet... :LOL:

    on the topic of regos, on first thought I would think impounding would be the go.

    I suppose it depends on the vehicle not being registered - I'd be much more comfortable in the knowledge that an new XR8 wasn't registered than a 1968 Toyota Crown fully paid up with no RW inspection for the last 20 years being on the road with me.

    If you are going to have a car registration system, make it relevant by having regular inspections on the cars. If theyaren't willing to do that, then scrap vehicle rego and start attaching the TAC fee to licences, so you are coverered for accidents regardless of what you drive.
  7. What's disturbing about this sentence? 900 were CAUGHT but how many WEREN'T? If an unlicenced or suspended driver OR RIDER runs you down on a pedestrian crossing, he or she is not covered by any sort of insurance, and you can whistle for the next 50 years for your medical or out of pocket expenses......
  8. The old chestnut about roadworthy cars...

    Even the cops in Victoria have not tried to peddle the "unroadworthy" one. It came up again recently and the cops said that there was no evidence that annual inspections did anything for safety... All that annual inspections do is contribute to the income of the inspectors.

    You need registration for identification of vehicles. That is the really the only purpose (apart from making money in fees). Tying TAC costs to licences would make a lot more sense.

  9. You could conservatively double or even triple that number....
  10. And we're sharing the roads with them.

    Now, let's get serious here. I wonder how many unregistrerd BIKES there are out there and how many riders riding them that don't have a licence?

    You'd have to think that they go undetected even more than the cars and drivers do since there are less of them per-capita to get pulled over, booked for speeding, or detected in random breath tests.

    It IS a worry, on a number of levels.

    And, while on the subject, why do police not check your licence when you are pulled over for RBT? They used to, but the last 3 or 4 times I've been pulled over, I've had to blow in the tube and they let me go.

    OK, I don't drink so they're not going to get me for DUI, but why don't they check the licence and rego while you're there? It'd only take a few more seconds..

    Any thoughts??
  11. Well, i myself found out my REGO on my car expired on the 17th of this month..only found out yesterday..reasons fair enough, busy with year 12 and the notice for renewal was picked up and moved by someone..sorting it out on monday..
  12. Last two times I've been pulled in for RBT on the bike I have been asked for my licence.
    Tony, you just can't be serious in questioning the value of annual inspections for registrations, surely?? There are cars in Victoria that have been continuously registered to the one owner for 20 year and never once been checked for roadworthiness; they are deathtraps to their drivers and all around them, everybody knows that. And unroadworthy cars CAN'T be divorced from safety; how many of these rat-traps have brakes that YOU'D trust??
  13. Booze buses try to filter out as many DDers as they can. In high volume traffic roads, they might wave by hoards of cars if they asked you to fumble around with your licence. "I'm sorry sir, your licence expired 8 days ago, so I'll put down my breathalyser and waste precious police resources writing you up for something that has little to do with saving lives tonight." It's actually a very smart balance they achieve, they do have their priorities right.

    Patrol cars and some quieter areas will do it more randomly (not about quantity tested, but quality) and give you the works including RW check.
  14. I guess I just look more trustworthy, eh????
  15. No you were going too fast for them to stop you, so they pulled me up instead!
  16. I am serious. The incidence of "unroadworthy" cars that are involved in accidents is extremely low. It's low enough for the cops to dismiss it entirely and to reject calls for annual roadworthies.

    The jurisdictions where inspections are mandatory do not have a lower crash rate than those where it is not - to me that is quite a telling point.

  17. I'd have to agree with that Tony.

    Having though about it, moving the TAC premium to the licence would be nice. Instead of any driver being covered in a registered car, any car would be covered with a licenced driver.

    However given the number of vehicles outnumbers the number of licenced drivers, it may prove to be a higher cost option for people with one vehicle...
  18. Actually no... Victoria is a no fault system, it doesn't matter if they are insured or not... both you and they are coverd.
  19. Tony I accept your two quotes, and take your point, but I would ask, how can a policeman tell that a crashed car was roadworthy just before it crashed? The second quote admits that it is impossible to determine what, if any, impact roadworthiness had on a crash.
    However, if a car had been inspected and passed as roadworthy for the purposes of registration some time in the last 12 months, then roadworthiness could then be eliminated as a causative factor, surely? If this was done and accidents and injuries fell, wouldn't it prove that roadworthiness HAS been a factor all along, but was not being quantified?
  20. OK, thanks for that, yet another example of the confusion of state laws!!! I'll try and have any accidents in Victoria, then, ok?? :LOL: