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Unregistered Car question - NSW

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kaer, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. This is a slightly weird one.

    Mate of mine, Chris, got sold a car by another mate, Pete, before Pete went to England.

    They never got around to exchanging money, but more importantly Pete never signed over ownership of the car.

    Now Chris tried to get hold of Pete when the rego came up, but couldn't. Pete ain't responding to e-mails and we don't have a phone number/postal addy. Now the rego has expired, and has for the last 3 months.

    Is there anything Chris can do to take ownership of the car? It's an old car, worth maybe 2k.

    Our backup plan if we can't rego it, spraypaint "Pete Sucks" on the front. Get a whole bunch of speeding fines, then have a party where we beat the crap out the car with bats, then e-mail Pete the pictures.

    Or just sell it to the wreckers (can we really do that if we don't own it?)
  2. Oooh...that's an awkward one. AFAIK if it has't been signed over it ain't legally Chris's car.
  3. Fake the signature.

    I swear the rta never check things.

    I swaped the speedo on a car once, and no one ever contacted me about the discrepencies on the pink slips. Even after I sold it no one contacted me (I told the new owner).
  4. Chris doesn't own the car, regardless of whether money changed hands or not.
    No docs = no ownership
  5. There would be some type of civil contract, but the RTA would claim not to recognise is, and you would probably have to take them to court or something.
  6. So what are we meant to do with the car then? Which has been sitting in Chris's garage for the last 12 months? Leave it for the council to collect?

    I agree with the no ownership, but was wondering if there's a way to claim it.
  7. You could leave it somewhere and wait for the council to collect it then, when no-one shows up to claim it, buy it back when they auction it off. Helpful if you can make the car look even less valuable first - try removing as many parts as possible. :)
  8. So you've received a rego renewal, but do you have the original rego papers??? If you do, I'd go to the RTA and start asking your way from there.
  9. Nope. Nothing. Zero. Nothing written, no money exchanged = no contract.