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Unpredictable Weather.. #@$&*%

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Archaeon, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. I really hate it when you start a ride with great weather, overcast-ish but otherwise dry and fine.. sun showing every now and then.. only to have a storm come out of nowhere, piss all over you, then clear up again..!!

    The morning was all clear, sun, some cloud cover, gentle breeze.. so I decide to gear up for a ride around noon... 10 mins into my trip down Henry Lawson drive (nice little set of twisties).. it rained.. then it poured... Before I knew it I was riding in near zero visibility, getting absolutely hammered with water.. while the tinted visor starting to fog up.

    So I turn off to a side street, take a look around, and dark grey clouds in the direction of where I wanted to go.. sigh.. I turned back and rode home. So I get home, leathers, gloves, boots and even the inside of my helmet.. all drenched! Got changed, then wiped the bike down, cleaned and lubed the chain, wiped down the leathers (how do you dry leather gloves?!!)..

    Anyway.. about 30 mins later.. sun out.. CLEAR blue skies and bird chirping.. !! And it stayed that way for the rest of the day !! MoFo!!

    I did check the BOM, but the last few weeks it always said chance rain, or thunderstorm yadda yadda.. but on most of those days, it never rained anyway! Someone up there really doesn't like me.. :-({|=

  2. Bad luck mate.

    I guess on a day like this you must be prepared and take your rain gear with you, but by the sounds of it, it would have been too late anyway.
  3. Hahaha.. yeah.. the vent was more so to do with probably an hours worth of buckets of water.. then all clear like a spring day lol. It wasn't even overcast when I left home.
  4. Don't just check the forecast, check the radar. That will give you a better indication of what rain is around, how far away it is and what direction it is travelling. About the time you went for your ride I was looking at a friends smartphone showing the heavy rains and storms rolling into and over Sydney.

    PS, I had a very nice little ride down to Bobbin Head just before sunset. The light was fantastic. Wish I'd taken the camera.
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    Had the same thia morning. Got new tyres fitted in balmain then pissed down on the way home
  6. On Friday I rode into Bega 'cause I forgot to buy spagetti last food shop, and I'd already made the meatballs especially :)

    It was raining lightly, no biggy, but on the way back it absolutely pissed down. Again, no big deal, just took it easy. But the lane I live on is not sealed, and has a downhill (on the way in) clay section. I'm currently 'slumming it' on a GS500 which I got dirt cheap until I can afford a new VStrom or perhaps a Tiger 800... Anyways, I discovered the hard way that GS500's are fuckin' useless on wet clay. I was taking it super cautiously, no brake, no throttle, no steering input, the bike just lost it and ended up on its side. So now I need a new handlebar...

    The spagetti and meatballs were nice, though I wish I'd waited another day.
  7. :grin: re the spaghetti.. it better have been good aye!!

    Ouch re the drop.. I had a GS500 as my first bike, they handled really well.. though I haven't ridden it in clay though.. Wouldn't that've effectively meant that you had zero traction while "surfing" along the clay?
  8. that's riding. you take the good with the bad. HTFU allready, faggots.
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  9. It really didn't look that bad out my window, and lasted all of 10 minutes...
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  10. You need to learn how to read the weather map. Once you do, you'll never listen to the weatherman's advice again. ;)

    Radar only tells you where it is raining currently... once you get used to the weather map, all your friends will be amazed at your seemingly psychic ability to say 'hmm... yes... I know the guy on the news said thunderstorms... but trust me... it'll be blue skies all the way.'


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  11. Does anyone else see the irony in learning to read the weather map from the guys you don't trust enough to read the weather map...


    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
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  12. Coudn't it said it better myself... hahahah

    This is why you see so many bikes 6 (or more) years old on bikesales with well under 10,000k on the clock.

    Get some wets, carry it on your bike al the time and get comfy at riding in all conditions because:
    Some day, you're gonna get caught.. some day, you're gonna get caught...
    Suppose you gotta be as old as me to remember that jingle... hehe

    Oh by the way, gs500f was my first bike, 32,000k in 15 months, rain, hail shine and as good as any lams bike in the wet..
  13. True :LOL:

    I just find it's open to interpretation, whereas the data on the map itself is 'what you see is what you get'. ;)
  14. It was fine on the black stuff, I don't mind riding in rain at all... (and my GS is a naked) But things turned to shit in the clay. I guess the combination of smaller wheels and 100% road tyres didn't help. I've been down that bit of road in the wet on the V-Strom with Metzeler Tourances and never had any trouble before.
  15. You're right about clay, but that's with most things with road tyres fitted and where the tyre designed for different surfaces make the most difference..
  16. Didn't mind riding in the rain on Saturday - discovered just how good the PR3's are :)

    Were even better on a superb Saturday evening ride once they had 350k's on them.
  17. Same thing happened to me. I finally got a pass from the missus to get out for half a day. Rode to a friends house about 20 mins away to drop something off and right before i head off for a ride it starts bucketing down. Poor mate of mine, i had to hole up at his place till it passed and rode straight home after two hours. Bah.
  18. I had a golden window yesterday.

    I rode down to Goulburn from Wollongong, fine and sunny all the way.

    Rode home towards a dirty black cloud, which turned out to have been a thunderstorm that swept the Highlands and the coast before I arrived, and headed out to sea as I descended Macquarie Pass. I got two drops of rain on me as I wheeled the bike into the garage :).
  19. +1 to checking the radar before riding. I always do it, if there is any risk I throw the wet wheather gear. If you have a smart phone get an app that can do this. There are plenty.

    The most fun ride you will ever fun is when you check the radar and see a storm aproaching behind you and travelling the same direction as you.
  20. It even better when there is a storm in front of you and one behind you and there both travelling the same direction.

    On a current related story. . . .

    It was as clear when I left home, stopped off at the shops and then headed south along the pacific highway at 2pm on my way to Mt Tamborine. Got as far as Logan when i saw a wall of water ahead. Pulled over to put wet weather gear on and continued on a little bit further until i decided to pull over and checked the BOM. It showed a bigger storm coming up. Can't really enjoy the road in the wet so i turned around. As sudden as it started, it stopped. Took me a moment to realise i was on dry bitumen again.