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Unpleasant Woman!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. To the mean lady in the old Camry that does'nt give a toss about anyone else except herself...Thank God for UGLY HACKS like you, that can serve as a bad example of what being a decent woman is all about...

    Pottering home in the peak hour melee tonight I see a car facing the wrong way around in the middle of an intersection between a small side-street and a major arterial. Woman gets out and smoke billows from the cabin, as she struggles to get her very new baby out of the car seat in the rear.
    I race up through a few cars, and stop the bike near her car, and jump off to see if I can find where the smoke is coming from...meantime she gets off the road over to the footpath and waits, while she has a bit of a cry and tends to bubs.
    Rishing around the car, I can't see anything wrong, but then I notice that one of the side airbags has deployed and the smoke is coming from that - obviously the Gas escaping post accident. (Another woman had caught her left rear guard and spun her around)
    Breathing a sigh of relief as I thought at first that it was an electrical smoulder, I went over to help someone push the car out of the intersection.
    Everyone was quite patient seeing what was going on, UNTIL!

    biatch Hack who is facing my now lonely bike in the middle of the intersection (coz we just moved the car 30secs ago, and I am busy getting her keys and stuff for the driver) blows her horn and asks me to move my bike...I said, yeah ok, just a minute...to which she responds, "Move ya bike!...I'm in a hurry" to which I responded "just bloody well hang on a minute will ya, this woman has just had a car accident and is worried about her baby, just like the one YOU have in the back of YOUR car".
    Her response is, "I don't care, I've got my own family to take care of, she can take care of her own - now move ya bike!"
    btw...I've had enough at this point..
    So I told her she was a self-centred biatch, and she says "yeah, I am!!!", and glares at me defiantly....So I told her that I hope one day when SHE has an accident, with HER baby in the back, she remembers what she just said, so she'll understand why no-one gave a toss and, and just left her standing there, you f*king hack-headed biatch
    She then tells me to watch my language and starts shooting me the bird, very agressively, and I explain to her that Hack-heads like you always get away with too much and that if you were a bloke, I'd kick your bloody teeth in...
    By now I am ropeable and walk over to move the bike out of the road of all the traffic, and she barges on through the cross traffic, waving the bird at me one handed while she races off with "baby on board" displayed on her piece of shit car!!!!

    I have'nt wanted to kick someones teeth in quite that much for years, and I rode home fuming about it, once I'd checked the driver was aok...

    There I am in my bike gear, hot as hell, swetting, running around in the peak hour traffic, pushing cars etc, and "I" cop attitude from this UGLY FAT biatch, coz she had to wait maybe 30secs while I get things sorted for the female driver, and then could move my bike...

    Anyways...thanks for letting me rant...pant pant... :evil: :evil:
  2. In situations like these, it helps to know that karma is the name of a very large, very angry, and very vengeful elephant which is all too happy to bide its time until it's most inconvenient for you.

    Think of that when you think of her, and smile (but not too smugly).
  3. Problem with this though is she was built like an elephant according to Raven.
  4. Yes, but Karma waits for moments of weakness. :wink:
  5. Sorry Raven, I'm confused - how do you really feel? Could you please be a bit more clear?

  6. Jeez raven, I've never seen you so worked up!

    Full justification though, I can't believe how selfish some people get, not willing to wait a few moments when someone else has had an accident. Those people should be dragged out of their cars and burned at the stake.
  7. Firstly, good job on helping the mum and bubs...

    Secondly, good job on restraining yourself at the mega-biatch.

    Karma +2 for raven
  8. This behaviour is completely typical of people with Baby On Board stickers.

    Blow up all of them.
  9. I'm for equal opportunity.

    Should have kicked her teeth in anyway.
  10. i agree.
    i will restrain myself to a point, but then, the news is all bad.
  11. Yeahhh...I know...I know...work has been getting to me lately, and then this fwit starts pushing the big red button on my forehead which is marked "Do NOT push the big red button!"...
    I think I'm just frustrated mostly because she was a woman, also with a child in the car, and should have been able to sympathize with the poor accident victim...of all people!...but she had that kind of personality that would'nt reach down to pull you from danger - preferring to watch you drown, and feel better about herself because it was'nt happening to her.

    I'm a bit naive and find it hard to reconcile that people like that exist, and that they live among us.... Oh well...Thank christ it was'nt HER I was helping - no effort waisted there, eh. :grin: :grin:

    ](*,) <---------- You my friend.... People are idiots :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Raven, you truly are a champ going out of your way to help people in that way.

    It would be nice if we lived in a world where more people were decent kind people. Unfortunately there always seems to be some selfish dickhead happy to step in and remind us that they exist.

    Karma will have it's way, sounds like this woman probably spends her life burning bridges.
  14. +1 for the karma thing. Riding home from uni this afternoon, missed being in the middle of a t-bone between two cars by a minute.
    The same minute that it took to stop the bike and remove a big f*ck-off piece of wood that was on the roadway.

    (Both people were walking and there were enough people around from the surrounding businesses so I didn't hang around, however) {And this was after privately moping about how fcuked up karma is} :oops:
  15. I read the subject "Unpleasant Woman!", and thought it would be a interesting read. I was right. :grin:
    I agree with the others, karma will catch up to her.
  16. Look on the bright side, it's arzholes that remind us by comparison we're top blokes and deserve a cold beer :grin:

    As for karma....well, her child will probably grow up to be just the same arzhole as mum and pass the love on back to the hag, or be a biker and hate her insufferable attitude too :cool:
  17. What a great mum

    Her attitude is pretty fkn unbelievable, I'm infuriated just reading about it. Lynch mob!!!
  18. :shock:
    First time I've ever seen John blow a gasket.
    Ten points though for not kickin the nasty biatch's head in.
    100 points for helping out the way you did,
    and may karma fcuk with the biatch when she least needs or expects it
  19. I think the original thread title was more appropriate :cool:
  20. tsk tsk tsk, what is wrong with you????

    Walk over nice and quietly, lean in her window explain the situation, grab her keys, turn her car off and toss them down the street.

    Works wonders, let me give you the tip :grin: