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Unmarked police bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stan, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. On a recent ride home from a great ride through the black spur, i had a policeman jump out in front of me and wave me down.

    As i pull up there is a Blue BMW bike pulling up with me.
    Hmmmm i say, didn't notice him behind me.
    Remove my helmet and produce my licence. I am informed that the rider on the BM is an unmarked Police officer, and he has video footage of me breaking a road law.
    The officer that pulled me up indicates he understands why i infringed on this law, but it will cost you $177
    My question is this:
    Can the police follow and tape me, while waiting for me to break a road rule at some stage. I was given no information regarding how long this tape will exist, and was not given the oppertunity to view it.

    Has anyone else been pulled up in a silimar manner??

    Your thoughts on this topic would be greatly apprecated

  2. as soon as you heard this you should have shut up and found a lawyer. If you don't want to do that, you should have asked to see the tape - if the thing really exists, then pay up and shut up. IF it doesn't, then just shut up and say yes sir, no sir, because at that point something weird is going to happen.

    Australia has no entrapment laws, and anyone is free to videotape/photograph others out in the open as they please. Thems the rules.
  3. Yep.

    What was the alleged offence? Were you guilty?
  4. Are you in the force??

    I asked a question regarding the filming, i chose not to mention the infringment :wink: :wink:

  5. Not a Policeman, but I can tell from your answer that you probably were guilty... :wink:

    However, the Police don't have to necessarily show you evidence of an alleged offence. If you take it to court, "he said, she said" should be good enough for the magistrate to decide in the Policeman's favour.

  6. I'm just curious what the offense was. Nothing personal, but only to know if it's something peculiar that other riders should be looking out for.
  7. Unmarked? Didn't know they had unmarked motorbikes.
  8. Filming riders, WTF? That's a new one to me.
    If they zap you with a radar gun they used to show you the read out.
    I don't see how a VDO would be all that different, other than the time it takes to scan through the footage.
    If it looks like fish, and it smells like fish.......

  9. If it's speeding - for the video to be evidence, they'd need the speedo reading of the following bike in the video as well, yes? -along with a speed-limit sign for the road you get caught on?

    ... could you request a copy of the entire tape for evidence, then if you found a section of tape where that displayed speed was above the limit, have the cop prosecuted for speeding too?

    What's good for the goose...
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe cops don't need evidence for traffic offenses? I seem to remember reading that a cop just has to "form the opinion" that you were breaking a road rule for it to stick. That would certainly make sense if it were something based on value judgements like driving in a dangerous manner.
    Civilian operators (like Tenix' camera operators) need evidence.
    However, if the cops have told you that they have video evidence, I'm pretty sure you can ask to get access to it (for a fee). Maybe not on the spot for practical reasons, though.
    (The unmarked video bikes have been operating in the Yarra Ranges shire for about two years - definitely legal for them to tape you).
  11. Here, for a police officer to give you a traffic infringement either a police officer has to see you commit the infringement or have physical proof of it i,e photo, video. Otherwise, no can do.

    Also, you have to have access to any evidence of it in case you want to dispute it. Dad had to do that a few months ago, got a speeding ticket for 74 in a 60 zone, which was unusual becuase he doesn't drive like that at all. And the ticket was at a set of lights in Canberra while the car was parked in Surry Hills. He went to some AFP office, and could look at it for free or get a copy for like $10 or something.
  12. There was heaps of (non-BMW) bikes out in force over the GP weekend. Heard stories of CBR's and the like... although I doubt it, although I think it was somewhere on here that i seen those rumours!!!! I've only seen an unmarked K1200 or whatever they are......

    also, with the video: i'm not sure about with traffic stuff, but with proper crimes, YOU can't request a copy of the video tape, well you can, but you won't get it. A lawyer can request a copy upon you being charged.

    I think your best bet is to ask the copper wether you got a good lap time :grin:
  13. There's a term for offences where guilt more or less is presumed and traffic offences are categorised as thus. I forget the legal term for it. It was discussed in another thread on here.

    As for the police evidence, if you took this to court the cops have to give you copies of what they'll be producing. It's called "disclosure".

    They're getting sneakier and sneakier, aren't they? It's a pity that the resources that are ploughed into traffice "management" couldn't also be expended on fighting real crime and in particular, the drug epidemic that plagues this country.
  14. Or if they must invest resources into traffic offences why bother with chasing motorcycles on quiet stretches of road. Surely putting an unmarked bike with cameras in peak hour traffic and booking all the drivers who tailgate, change lanes without indicating etc. would be far more effective.
  15. Fook .. under what rock have all you people been hiding ?!? :p

    The unmarked cop bikes, with recording and stopping have been around for almost 18 mths .. promo and lots of discussion on Netrider about. They first trialled it on the Reefton in late 2005.

    As others have said .. they don't need to show you, but will need to show it in court if you decide to take it there (and if your quilty, your silly doing that).

    That the cops says he understand why you did it, doesn't then make it legal. I'm guessing you overtook on dbl white lines .. had plenty of room and wasn't a safety risk for a bike ... but still illegal.

    If it was the above, at least you got it from road cops. Me and a couple of others got done for dbl white lines from the water police a few years back :shock:
  16. You don't mean dbl white lines on the bike do you?, surely you were snorting them on the deck of your luxury yacht or something the water police should ACTUALLY be interested in???
  17. Through the Spur it's a single solid white line, but am i right in saying we still can't overtake if it's solid?

  18. that's the rule
  19. It is legal to overtake on a single solid white line. A single solid white line is often used on winding roads where the center of the road may become a little unclear with the broken white lines method of lane marking.

    In essence, you may treat a single solid white line exactly as you would a set of broken white lines.

    The exception here of course is if the other side of the solid white line has broken white lines (i.e. doubled lines, and your side is solid), in which case you're not allowed to overtake.

    The relevant road laws are online here:

    Victorian Driving Road Rules

    Relevant section is on marked Pages 20&21 (actually Pages 26&27 on the PDF due to 6 pages of introduction), Figures 1 & 2. The caption describing the law in effect is under Figure 2.
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    yep - there was a whole thread about them a while ago (less than a month) - there were even a few photos