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Unmarked Police Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Are they out there ?

    Yesterday riding into work, I noticed a bike come onto the Monash Freeway from Warrical Rd inbound, it was what looked like a BMW Police bike, but the paniers were not all white, they were black and white. The bike also had no decals or identifying marks whatsoever.

    The reason I ask if it might have been an unmarked police bike is that the rider was wearing a pistol on his right hip. But his black leather jacket did not have a police badge (or any other badge) on the shoulder.

    Just thought it was interesting

  2. Yes. They even have camera's onboard for use in area's like Reefton so they can follow behind you and record indescressions, and further down the road pull you over via another awaiting vehicle. I occassionally see unmarked police bikes riding out of Moorrabbin police station.

    Alternatively, it could have been a police officer riding their own bike on the way to his/her work ;)
  3. They do exist, I have even seen them in Werribee, it was a black K1200RS with a top box. the lights were fitted in underneath the top box for the rear and also under the headlight for front. The rider was in full black leathers with a white helmet and no other identifying marks. other than the small police service badges on each shoulder.

    keep your eyes open
  4. There are also a few undercover on chook chasers as well.
  5. I thought I saw one the other morning on the Eastern Freeway - he gave me a pretty thorough look as he passed me, and I remember thinking that his leather jacket looked exactly like a cop's one minus all the badges. Not sure what the bike was, but it was black and looked to be an 1100 of some sort.
  6. Mouth, excuse my ignorance, coming from a country where the police don't carry firearms, would it have been a cop going to and from work on their own bike with a pistol, do they take the firearms home or do they lock them away in the station? Not criticising just asking.
  7. correct
    I saw an unmarked one (dark blue or black bimmer) pulled over and talking to a marked bike between Marysville and Black Spur last weekend.
    The rider on the unmarked bike was in blue leathers

    these two were backed up by an unmarked car (Silver SS Comm)
    further up the road, who had pulled an unfortunate on a gixxer...
    (the gixxer passed me at Warp9)
  8. i read on another forum a few weeks back that a dude got pulled over by an umarked police bike on the M5 near Campbelltown (Sydney).... the copper was riding a red 2004 CBR1000!! :shock:
    (there's supposedly 2 in sydney and 2 in newcastle!) :twisted:

    Was only a matter of time that the police got smarter! :twisted:
  9. There should be more unmarked police bikes. Maybe motorists would think twice before cutting up a bike if there was a chance that it might be a cop.
  10. Ahhh, good point. I believe they aren't allowed to carry guns unless on duty, so s/he would have been unlikely to be on their way to/from work, and more likely actually on duty.
  11. Very good point!

    Even if there aren't more MC cops, maybe we should be spreading rumours to the general motoring public that there are :LOL:
  12. i have also been told that there are some gsxr 1000 unmarked cop bikes floating around with the camera's on board.... have not seen one yet but a couple of mates recon they have :shock: :shock:
  13. i have also been told that there are some gsxr 1000 unmarked cop bikes floating around with the camera's on board.... have not seen one yet but a couple of mates recon they have :shock: :shock:
  14. There was a black ZX-10R at the Carlton cop shop and I'm told there is one of these getting around hassling riders on the Reefton. Also Carlton cop shop has quite a large garage which quite a few exotic cars are put away into at night.

    But then again that bike being under cover is based on quite a few assumptions and putting 2 and 2 together to get 7.
  15. Heres some more info from http://www.arrivealive.vic.gov.au/motorcycle_levy/additional.html

    Unmarked police motorcycles have been used for traffic enforcement for a number of years particularly in areas frequently used by motorcyclists such as the area surrounding the Yarra Ranges ; recent enforcement activities in these areas have contributed to a reduction in crashes.

    Members of the Knox Regional Traffic Tasking Unit have deployed an unmarked police motor cycle with a digital video camera; the unit has the capacity to be connected to moving mode radar. Regularly used in conjunction with other marked "satellite" police vehicles this program targets extreme driver behaviour that can result in serious crashes.
  16. True dat!!!
  17. AFAIK all states in Australia the street cops have to log their firearms in at the end of every shift and locked up. Different for dectectives I would imagine.
  18. The pistol-wielding rider could be a target shooter maybe?? If they've got a handgun licence they'd be able to visibly carry it in a holster without breaking any laws. You'd probably get a bit of respect from other road users with that strapped to your hip I reckon. :p
  19. Have a look at this!!

    :D :D :D
  20. Target shooter's are not allowed to carry their pistols/firearms in this fashion. They must be locked away and only carried to and from a shooting venue/event. Otherwise there would be some cowboys running around the country like madmen! :shock: