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Unmarked police bikes-Yea Whittlesea and Healesville areas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kevo954, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Just back from Yea, was speaking to one of the publicans there and he mentioned that there is a squad of unmarked sports bikes cruising the area and nabbing other bike riders for speeding etc. Told me they have been operating since February. Can anyone confirm of their existence? Kev. :shock:

  2. Unmarked cop bikes exist.

    The Yarra Ranges are targetted every summer.
  3. I believe a black CBR1000RR is one of the culprits.
  4. There is definately a R1 in the fleet too.. Cant remember what colour..
  5. all i can say is that'd be the coolest job to have
  6. I have seen an unmarked BMW K1000GT passing through ivanhoe/fairfield/northcote a few times over the past month at about 8:30AM - heading west up Darebin Rd.

    It is a dark green colored one, with a top box and two panniers. There is a flat red and blue light mounted under the top box, a radio antenna mouned upside down next to the rear wheel, and a lot of extra instruments mounted on the handlebars. There are also flat front mounted red and blue lights, just below the headlight.

    Technically it is not 'unmarked', but you probably wouldn't pick it at first glance. I pulled up next to him at the lights and got quite a greasy look for checking out his bike. Definitely not the most friendly cop out there.
  7. There is also a Maroon BMW that I saw in Healsville on Monday
  8. They generally arent the nicest, cause he thought no doubt you would tell other people about his little undercover operation and people would become more aware of them especially in the riding communities. His soul purpose is to make us riding hard and fast a lot harder or a lot more cautious.

    I've been hooked by an undercover bike... He "was" going to take my licence away from me... But, alas he had a sense of common decency :shock: and let me keep it *yay* :grin:
  9. I dont see why they need unmarked sports bikes to target riders. Its not like the squad cars left us alone! I would have thought the opposite, that they would nab carless and aggressive motorists and protect riders rather than using another means of transport to further target riders. I think I'll avoid riding near harbours and rivers incase a Police boat flags me down.
  10. The claims that they have R1/CBR1000RRs are completely bogus. As a requirement they have to carry UHFs, various pads for note/offence taking and crap loads of other stuff. There is no way they'd fit all that on a sport bike.

    They have unmarked BMWs but you can pick them by the white helmet with blue/white checker marking around the side.
    Spotted one on the weekend for sure, the maroon BMW. But am pretty sure it isn't the first time I've seen them up that way.
  11. you could easily fit a hand held UHF in a pannier..
  12. Handhelds are limited to 5W which is practically useless in areas such as where the bikes are operating.
    Cop bikes use something around the 30W range, usually coupled with a big antenna.

    They carry a hell of a lot of gear, as illustrated to me by a bike copper when we got chatting at a road block on the Spur. His double panniers on his BMW were both full of stuff.
    The bikes operating in the Yarra Ranges are also equipped with video surveillance equipment so there has to be accommodation for that as well.
  13. You can fairly fit a 25W Motorola XTL 5000 W3 mobile radio on a sportsbike without too much trouble, and a quarter wave UHF antenna is only 15cm long.
  14. yes they do exist, seen em here in Adelaide, cant remember wat bike it was but it was maroon :p

    only seen them once though, in the city
  15. i wanna be an unmarked bike cop!!!
  16. Rainmann wants to be a cop bike :bannanabutt: yeah baby, who's ya dady :smileysex: