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Unmarked police bike prowling Melb CBD?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Spotted this morning in the CBD as I made my way through the gridlock to the office ... a maroon BMW bike just in front of me switches on his hidden police lights and pulls over a van. The rider was wearing what appeared to be wets, a backpack, and had a sort of ventura bag/pack on a rear rack .. very camoflaged :eek: He turned into Russell St from Bourke St right in front of me whilst I was at the lights and I was travelling no more than 30-50 behind him, and I had no idea it was an unmarked until teh lights came on .. mind you I wasn't lookign for one I guess. Never seen an unmarked bike in the CBD before.

  2. I have seen that bike on the eastern fwy and in werribee as well. They have hidden the lights real well.
  3. Bumped into this bike and had a chat with him a couple of months ago in Brunswick, its great to see that he doesn’t waist all of his time picking on bikes, and lets those who stuff up in cages feel the force of not looking out for bikes.
  4. I used to see this bloke everyday almost without fail on Latrobe St on the way home at about 4:30pm, he just patrols the CBD, never saw him nab a bike, but did see him with a car pulled over once. I think he looks for red-light runners mainly.
  5. I've seen an unmarked BMW pull a car over on Burwood Hwy outside Deakin Uni.

    I wonder how many unmarked bikes are out there? Should be more of 'em...
  6. There are 2 roaving unmarked bikes that travel all around Victoria, that is there job... nice Job. How do I know, pulled me over for rego check, offered and smoke and chatted for 20 minutes really nice chap

    According to him there are a total of 5, including the two mentioned.
  7. I used to run "unnamed dealerships" workshop which serviced all the police bikes from in and around melbourne. Unmarked bikes have been around for a while there nothing new and from memory there is four of them operating in Melbourne and the CBD. This number may have changed since I stopped working there 2 years ago but they are out there.
  8. Saw a black unmarked BMW car doing laser on the Eastern Freeway last night at about 8ish.

  9. Has any one ever wondered who is paying for the police vehicles:
    BMW cars
    WRX Turbo's
    Holden GT Coupes
    Ford GT Persuit specials
    Forester Turbo's
    Nissan Patrols

    Hmmmmm :?
  10. A lot of time the car companies 'donate' the cars for a period of time for the cops to evaluate, with the hope of getting permanent business. Not many of the fancy cars are actually paid for by the cops.
  11. unmarked bikes must of been around for a while, i got booked by one (BMW) about 6 or so years ago in furntree gully
  12. With VIC police BMW have it all stiched up. Vic police workplace regualtions state that police bikes must be ABS equiped. BMW is the only manufacturer to bring in police bikes with ABS fitted. Honda make a police bike but without ABS which queensland police use. Hence BMW are the chosen brand reagardless of price.
  13. cop shops get allocated a budget for 'vehicles' then they specify what they want within that budget, make a case for why they need it and they get it or dont get it.

    they are all leased like gov cars, gotta love those fat gov contracts :D

    that is what i have been told by several coppers, this is just after they had pulled me over :?

    oh yeah and this is all done under a bigger lease agreement umbrella with the police force
  14. Having spoken to a bike cop at Southbank for about 20 minutes a few months ago there are 4 unmarked police bikes all up and they will slowly be phased out unfortunately.
  15. Thank you mouth. Some well earned Karma coming your way. I ride everyday to the city and the way I ride, I need to know this stuff.
  16. Phasing them out???? Seriously????

    Hey, thanks for the heads up on the funding for police vehicles
  17. Why unfortunately?? Are you crazy?? :shock: The less of any undercover police vehicle the better!!
  18. I don't have a problem with undercover police vehicles at all when they're used for crime-fighting... but typically they're just used for revenue raising. The Police are no longer a not-for-profit organisation, IMO.
    They don't target bikes but rather cage unless the biker has done something stupid.
    Secondly if they do pull a bike over believe me they are doing us all a favour.