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Unmarked Police Bike in Flemington -> Pascoe Vale -> H

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by warden, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Over the last 5 Days there has been an unmarked Police bike doing what looks to be runs from Racecourse Road, along the Tullamarine Fwy and up Bell Street. I've passed him going the other way a number of times, and have seen him with 3 bikes pulled over.
    It looked to be a dark green or blue sport tourer, either a K1200GT or a Honda ST1300, I'm leaning more towards the BMW as the color on the website looked closer, but not exact. Has hard panniers.

    The rider is in all black leathers with a plain white helmet.
    There also appears to be a large antenna on the rear of the motorcycle.
    He seems to be targetting motorcycles and gave me a very hard looking over as I passed him in Bell Street on Thursday evening.
    Just a heads up.

  2. Kind of to be expected with the amount of bikes hitting Melbourne roads this week.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. it's a bmw and there was also a red one on the end of the westgate bridge that had pulled over a car inbound friday.
    If people can't spot em then they need their eyes examined.
    the rider wears police issue leathers and a glary green vest with a white helmet.
    their police Id is clearly visible on their uniform.
  4. It's the white helmet that gives it away for me. That said, if there's any smartasses out there with white helmet... don't be surprised if i give you a wide berth!
  5. i got a mate with a white helmet.. but he rides a 250 virago.

    ive also seen a maroon coloured BMW cop bike, completely unmarked. it was parked so i never saw what the rider was wearing.
  6. one in a green vest was near lilydale this morning. good rider though!
  7. be careful of those slime balls, they are getting sneakier and sneakier. One of the guys I ride with saw unmarked Blue boys on bikes that were definately not standard issue up reefton spur marysville way. Last weekend
  8. It's (or was) apparently operation something-or-other this weekend. I got pulled over for license check around my area, and the guy said they were targetting unlicensed riders this weekend. Funnily enough, I recognised the voice through the helmet, it was one of my instructors from the place where I did my license tests, nice guy, had a bit of a chat.
  9. This bloke was definately not wearing a green vest, or wearing any insignias or badges of rank. And iirc, the Police leathers are a dark blue? these were black.
    But yeah, wide birth indeedy.
  10. Fair Go fairgo, if your not behaving like a d1ck the Police leave you alone. I haven't been pulled over for years and I average about 50,000km a year (not counting booze buses) in fact the last time was driving up the Hume about 5 years ago and they pulled me over because the tail lights on my trailer weren't working (it was dark at the time). I said "your kidding, I had to fix them before I left home" and popped the boot & dragged the tool kit out to fix them and they left me to it (no ticket).

    They've been running around on unmarked bikes since well before May '05.
  11. Just curious - how did he know they were cops?
  12. Thanks for the heads up :)
  13. I was talking to a salesman in my bike shop that happens to sell to a lot of cops, and he was mentioning that there is talk within the force that they're going to be bringing in unmarked R1's here in Canberra. Great idea for them! Some may think not so good for others...

    Has anyone heard anything along these lines?
  14. so sick of rumours
  15. What rumours ??

    And thanks for the heads up.
  16. Don’t worry, i don’t listen to what they keep saying about you :LOL:
  17. Hehehehe I'll pay you that one.
  18. the post above mine and you're welcome.
  19. I don't know about Canberra but they did have unmarked police sports bikes in Victoria last summer. I know of someone that was booked by a cop on an R1 (the cop was in police riding gear but a plain fluro jacket over the top) on the Black Spur.

    While the unmarked Beemers are easy enough to spot if you take a close look, when you're riding you don't normally get a chance to focus on them long enough to notice (except when they're pulled up booking someone) :wink:

    You do need to keep your eyes open in Brunswick for various odds and sods, especially around around Dawson St. They have some F650's they use in the country that are around sometimes (but at least these are marked). I followed three of them down Sydney Road some months ago.

    There was an unmarked Honda ST around a while back but I haven't seen it for a long time.

    The best (true) story I've heard was the offer of a couple of unmarked Harley 1200 Sportsters a few years back to an interstate police force (not Victoria). I don't know what the outcome was. :LOL:

  20. I saw three bike cops on Sydney road/Royal Parade last friday morning on my way in to work.

    None of them on their bikes, just standing near them about a block or so between each, where Melb uni is. Dunno what they were about. Maybe looking out for a little blue VTR250 who has a habit of using the pushi lane, terrorising lycra clad madmen with his scary standard exhaust and warp speed (30kmh)?

    Two had BMW K1200's of some kind, the other the standard barge. Saw the maroon one hooning around the city at lunchtime, just doing U-turns and randomly fanging. Getting the lay of the land?

    Got pulled by one up near the spurs last year on a K1200, he said at that time there were 3 guys like him roaming Vic on those bikes. Nice enough bloke.