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Unmarked Police Bike (BMW) Ferntree Gully

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tankgirl, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Spotted parked in side street, off Dorset Rd, near Burwood Hwy.
    This morning. Booking some poor mower/gardener.

    Looked very dark grey or off black.
    Don't ask model, only saw it for a second while passing street.


  2. K1200S ;)
  3. They seem to be the bike of choice :)

    Will ask him to smile for a happy snap, next time :p
  4. If it were a twin I'd love to own one.
  5. Cops don't usually ride tandum, do they. :?

    And I think there are rules about owning other people.
  6. back at ya, babe :p
  7. tankgirl?
    i don't know you, and you don't know me, but i/we need you to take one for the team
    next time you see said D, use some of that lori petty charm, maybe spark up some 'let's fall in love' singsong (even educated FLEAS do it) and get the bastard's phone number so we can have much lols at his expense.

    thanking you in advance,
  8. Loki - I feel this request stems from an obvious attraction coppers have for you & your bike :wink:

    I PMed.

  9. Saw the bike cop again tonight.
    He passed me near the Gully train station.

    I think he likes me. :p
  10. was he wearing leathers that made u wet? :grin:
  11. Nice to know you're thinking about me being wet & all, goz. :wink:

    No, I was already wet.
    (Training session up the mountain.) :p
  12. funny thing.... i saw the same cop booking the mower guy yesterday too..... :cool:
  13. Man that cop gets around :-w
  14. Thanks for the heads up TG - will keep an eye out when I get back there (in a week)
  15. He seems to be doing a curcuit around Dorset/Burwood/Station St - will keep you posted DarkHorse. :)
  16. Didn't make it to coffee tonight because you were out stalking the copper TG?

  17. girls gota do what a girls gota do
  18. we didnt ask what you were doing Will :p
  19. The K1200S is still around, but the K1200GT's are down to three at the moment: one is having major surgery after running a big-end bearing ;)