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Unmarked moto cop [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Samhain, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Just a quick one to let you all know that I rode past an unmarked cop bike today at intersection of Boundary and RaceCourse rd Kensington - dark blue BMW with paniers etc, same sort of setup as a normal marked bike.

    Rider I am pretty sure was wearing black draggins or something similar and a textile jacket - not leathers. Had the gun on his hip etc and a matte silver helmet with the police checkers in a thin line around the crown only.

    I will now be looking out for silver helmets with checkers.... apart from that, there would be no quick way to identify them.... Didn't get a chance to check for any speed detection equip etc, but I assume it was there...
  2. Yup, saw somethin similar coming over the Bolte this arvo. This bloke was on a beamer also, unmarked, and had the thin checkered line around his helmet.

    I was doing the speedlimit (100) then he preceded to lane split ahead into the distance.
  3. I'd be bloody nervous with a gun on the hip... what happens if they have a spill and slide on the gun.... I imagine the friction would build up a fair bit of heat in the metal.... probably enough to set off a primer
  4. lol wut?

    no that wont happen.

    but having a bulge on the side would hurt like hell if you fell on it, or it may slip out. it wouldnt fire on its own, but id hate to be in a situation where someone else could get your gun
  5. Yeah I guess, have seen em go off on their own accord for less though

    Pain in the arse to have to on the lookout for even more unmarked police though.... however I guess I could always stick to the speed limits lol
  6. I had a chuckle one day getting on the Calder from out home while riding the K. I had seen an unmarked current red K series, dark leathers, plain helmet with checkers being the only obvious Police thing. The guy sailed past me at 10 over the limit and gave me a nod - probably because of the old red K I was on. He zoomed off into the distance. I'd seen him riding "questionably" closer in near Bell St before. By the time I made it to Keilor he'd pulled over a ricer in an old beater turbo something. They're out there!
  7. Nope, a stainless steel S & W 38 special is pretty resilient and wouldn't go off, though it would stand out on an unmarked bike! Most fireams are now being worn by Vicpol on the thigh rather than the hip, either way the holsters are designed to prevent easy removal by anyone other than the wearer.
  8. What`s the punishment for a cop impersonating a citizen??
  9. ahahahahaha nice one :)
  10. there was silver unmarked on the eastern this morning... witha pillion. Both sporting the checkered stripe helmet.

    Mucho impressed, budget cutbacks maybe?
  11. With a Pillion!??? U shitting me? Stationary or mobile?
  12. I would reckon the pillion was stationary on the back of the bike.
  13. what he said. I looked twice.

    Be a fantastic way to catch people on phones whilst driving.
  14. Like not allowed to move at all? Did they have to starch his uniform to achieve that?
  15. Well if he was a Pillion like Joe was on the back of my bike in Tassie then he would be flapping his arms and counterleaning when we were going in a straight line at well over 140.
  16. rofl, thanks smee. Now I have a picture of a guy doing the little chicken dance on the back of a bike...
  17. Not just covert bikes, saw a Territory with covert lights doing over a car on the Maltby ByPass (remember when it used to be called that) when I was heading home from a night of watching Sprintcars crashing at Avalon Speedway just after midnight last night.
  18. cops here in SA use pretty much anything they can

    we have big old 4x4 Land Cruisers with roof rack type half cages ontop with spotties all the way around

    any1 here ever seen 6 cops get out of a 4x4 when pulling you over? trust me, YOU SHIT YOURSELF

    as for bikes, we got alot of marked bikes which u can see from a mile away but the unmarked ones are definately more difficult
    the front red/blue lights are built into the front screen
    the rear light is hidden by the cargo holders on either side of the rear end
    bikes are generally matte black or dark silver ? BMW ofcourse

    the only giveaway that its a cop bike is the cops helmet, i believe it has POLICE written around the crown of it

    seen 1 the other week with a pillion on the back, made me look a few times :)
  19. They are the new marked/unmarked models. There are quite a few SS commodores floating around melbourne with stripes but the lights are inside the windows. There are definately more cop bikes around lately than there used to be, probably cheaper fuel bill compared to a 6.0 V8.

    Ive seen the unmarked blue bmw's, was stopped by one in healsville a week ago for a license check, had a brief look at the bike. Was a top guy, gave me a few tips about riding in the area.
  20. Believe it or not, I am told that it costs VICPOL almost as much per year to run a BMW bike as an SS Commodore. I suppose the safety requirements would be greater for bikes.