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Unmarked cop bike working the Frankston/Peninsula area.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2up, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I've seen this bloke around before down around the Somers area on the Mornington Peninsula. Managed to get a pic of him in Frankston today.
    So people, watch your mirrors for those blue fairings.


  2. What bike is that? VFR 800?
  3. bmw 1200 I think it is.

    Ive seen same coloured bike on eastern fwy and up in the hills also.
  4. BMW K1200? - beat me to it
  5. You folks are right, I can see the BMW roundel on the fairing. K1200GT without the panniers. Cheers!
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    I could be wrong, but there are three things that make me think this is a GT rather than S. (1) The grey-blue metallic colour (the S had a teal, not quite the same colour). (2) The two-tone fuel tank. (3) A metal perch for a topbox (like the copper had) as standard.


    I like the look of the bike but three things deter me: (1) Price, even in second hand market, is rather high. (2) These Beemers tend to weigh a bit, meaning good stability but slow turn-in for cornering. (3) BMW electrics.

    Cushy ride for a motorcycle cop!

    That K1200S in the video was positively ballistic from 80 kph to 200-230 kph. I've seen faster from a ZX-12R (3meGiNWBFFI[/media]]here), but it's good to know the Germans aren't too far behind for a 50% higher asking price. :p
  8. When I first saw the main pic, I thought it was a Viffer too!

    Silly me.

    Well looks like 'swine' can fly...Ha...Ha
  9. most certainly correct. its A BMW k1200, got asked for licence check by one in city. very unmarked, almost gave him the finger when he told me to stop...lucky i saw his badge
  10. Where was the badge, ?????????????????????????????????

  11. The irony is that we pay via the safety levy to enable the cops to buy more bikes to raise more revenue (from us poor well behaved bikers) to buy more unmarked bikes etc etc :eek:
    I'd love to know just how many of these unmarked bikes the Vic police have bought in the recent past. I watched a convoy of three overt and two covert bikes heading up Reefton a few months back.
  12. Swine flew? :wink:
  13. Maybe Willzah meant the shoulder patch that you can see on the copper in the above photo.
  14. Nah, I have seen these under cover bikes and cops up real close, and they did not have a marking any where on them.

    The bike itself or copper did not have a mark on them anywhere to say they were the Police.

    That one above must have come off a marked bike for the day.

  15. Saw it (or one exactly like it) around Clayton today.
  16. Heh, what a porka. No wonder our police force gets no respect, this guy looks like he'd sooner eat you that fine you. What ever happened to the trim, fit, capable police officer?
  17. It happens with shift work and no allowance for training time. But looking at the photo, I wonder what your idea of fat is. I have seen fatter cops than that, and when you tie in the fact that he is probably wearing a covert ballistics vest, he isn't that big. But then again I had different views on life and appearance at 18 as well. :roll:

    I still can't get my head around the sun glasses and fluffy hoods that the Corey Worthington wannabee's wear down this way so must be really out of date. :cool: