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Unmarked Cop Bike on South Eastern

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WGM, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Greetings Riders

    Thought you may like to know there was an unmarked cop bike on the South Eastern Arterial this morning. Turquoise (Greeny Bluey colour) BMW.

    He was apprehending a biker who abandonded lane filtering/splitting for ducking down the emergency lane.

    Naughty Naughty [-X

    So I kept lane splitting/filtering!

  2. I met that copper. He came across as very "i'm the boss"
  3. He's been around for ages. There is new boy that cruises up and down williams road around to the yarra bulvd. White coloured unit.
  4. there's been a bike copper on the Monash for the past couple of weeks, must be the Spring Sting. Seems to be concentrating on bikes in the Emergency lanes, but not so much on lane splitting.

    Drivers are noticeably nervous through the roadworks area (now 80K zone) around Warrigal Rd, so just watch yourself out there.

    Stay Safe

  5. ^ seen him. I was splitting the other day, noticed a couple of bikes coming up behind me so I moved back in the lane briefly to let them pass. Good thing I did because one of them was pulled over by a bike cop a little further up. Got him first! ha! He wasn't in the emergency lane either - just quite happily splitting along.
  6. is the coppa on the monash marked or unmarked??
  7. Marked...the one I saw anyway. Hope there's no unmarked along there!! I treat them ALL as my friends..Would pretty much cry with disappointment if a 'fellow rider' pulled me up. :? :LOL:
  8. Bike is unmarked, he is in his police leathers and white helmet.
  9. :rofl: SMEE! haahah. *cries*
  10. Also, an unmarked yellow car on the Kew (Yarra) Boulevard (didn't get the make) with a camera bolted on the dash.

    Got stopped there a couple of weeks back by a cop with standard car, with camera but just doing license checks on us. Friendly guy. Fortunately we'd slowed down, because we'd passed two different cops pulling others over on the way there. They're back in blitz mode!
  11. Whilst we're on the topic of police, I had a humerous moment with a marked police car that had pulled over a cager a few of weeks ago.

    After having watched casey stoner take out the Australian Moto GP Grand Prix, I thought I'd go for a ride in honour of casey. I was feeling quite good on the bike and was riding accordingly, that is, riding with alot of passion.

    I entered a roundabout and exited with some extreme lean and speed and as doing so made direct eye contact with the police officer who was looking at me as I exited with speed, haha, it was one of those moments where he was thinking, If only I wasn't pulled over I'd be in hot pursuit, so we resigned ourselves to next time.
  12. Man lemme get this straight-is lane splittin illeagal or no :?: :?: :?: Im on S.E. carpark at least once a week and I have gone past countless cops lanesplittin, and they have NEVER blinked :shock: and eye, there, or on any other road.
  13. lane Splitting is like J-Walking, its not really legal, but who the hell could be bothered giving you a ticket for it really? Cops don't care, but they could book you for it if they liked.
  14. There is sooooo much discussion on this topic.

    Refer to https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26081 and all the threads within it for more details

  15. Bump- saw the unmarked turquoise beamer today.

    Got to the end of my street (out onto Mitcham Road) and a turquoise bmw rides past- I think to myself- "hmm, turquoise bmw, black leathers, white open faced helmet... sounds like that undercover I was reading about on Netrider)"

    Crossed the street and looked up - surely enough, he's got his lights on and has pulled over some poor bloke on a Harley.
  16. A bike cop pulling over a bike for splitting could be considered pretty hippocritical - unless the splitter was riding in a dangerous manner.

    The other day, I was heading inbound on the Westgate freeway, and was just at that part that rises about 1km back from the tunnel... I had a car to my right and a car to my front left. I had gained on that left car and was about to correct being in his blind spot... next thing I know, a solo unit splits between me and the left car... then the solo weaved in and out of various lanes, seemingly not backing off, till it took the power road exit.

    I couldn't help wonder if he'd seen me do all that, whether or not I would have been pulled over for reckless riding or something. :-k

    I will hand it to him though, he was handling that bike like a charm. :biker:
  17. You wouldve been pulled over for sure.

    One rule for them, another for everyone. C'mon bro, you knew that. :LOL:

    1 of many perks that come with the uniform. :cool:
  18. More likely he was undercover EPA and had pulled him up for illegal oil dumping along a public road :LOL:
  19. Think you will find that they are on the war-path until Jan / Feb next year. After the post-spring newbie culling season has finished. :roll:

    As a matter of note. I went to my usual service centre yesterday and came across sooo many damaged and smashed bikes. It is seemingly true then that the new seasons weather beings out all the try-hards and wann-be's that end up spilling themselves.! :shock:
  20. They need to target dweebs in cars on their mobiles who hold up traffic instead of lane-splitting bikers who don't. Saw yesterday some dweeb yakking away going 60 in an 80 zone and the lane was crawling. Where's the coppers when you need em?