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Unmarked cars

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99sydrd, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. I got pulled over today by an unmarked police car, licence check and rbt.
    no dramas.

    What i have noticed lately is more and more un marked hwy patrol cars on the road, all different colors, the one that stopped me had a surf board on the roof ! , i seen one towing a trailer ! . You can tell the cars because of the tinted windows and blue and red lights on the rear parcel shelf.

    My wife even called on the way home before i left work and said there is a blue un marked hwy patrol sitting about 100m up from the stop sign waiting for vehicles to roll through.' be careful going home ' was the call.
    Boys at work even commented ' there's sly cops roaming the freeway in a red bombadore'.

    What's the go, can't the NSW police afford sign writing ! It's a bit Gestapo
    like i think.
  2. There's always unmarked jobbies around mate. Just seem to be using them at a higher profile at the moment.

    Back in England the local fuzz had an M3 BMW amongst it's unmarked fleet. Looked completely standard. They put the blue lights in part of the headlights. It was stupidly quick too. I've also seen unmarked bikes in the past too.

    Wonder when that idea will get hold here?
  3. hmm, i'm thinking you have only just learnt to identify them ;)
  4. I get an occasional 'surprise' every other Saturday night riding past a full-blown street racer with decals, neon, pipes the width of WA and what not, and then noticing the blue uniform. Never had any problems though. But then again, why would I - I'm a model citizen :roll:
  5. The police have been using unmarked cars since before I had my L's.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I see more 'unmarked' cars then patrol cars
    I think it is a disgrace if you want people to slow down there is nothing like the sight of a highway patrol to tame drivers, hell even the paddy-wagons have everyone around them behaving

    I just wish more of the RTA/police forces efforts were on preventative measures not lets wait till they do something wrong and send them a fine in the mail

    or try and instigate a drag race then book them (believe me it happens) I'm just smart enough to notice the blue collared shirt


    *end rant* :blah: :-#

    oh and i forgot un-Australian :LOL: it isn't a rant if you don't throw that in there
  7. We had it up here in Cairns for a while, Traffic branch boys had a white 200SX, little bit fiddled with, Dark tinted windows, Etc
    They used to line people up at the lights and get em to have a drag race, then he would hit the skids, pull in behind and flick on the lights and siren (Flashing headlights, red/blue lights on the dash and in the front grill)

    people got to know it and soon stopped taking the bait, So they got rid of it and they now have a new XR6 Turbo. Pricks!
  8. Drag race... RS125... /me grabs heart and falls on the floor. Dead [​IMG]

    :LOL: That's a good one :applause:

    BTW, can they book you when you get up to the speed limit at [nearly] full throttle (burning the clutch but not the tires), but never actually break it? I've had a number of grim looks from the police as well as general public, so I'm beginning to wonder: does it constitute negligent/dangerous driving? :oops:
  9. No, you're right 99sydrd, there definetely have been a lot more police on the road lately, including many more unmarked cars.

    We had a good run for the past 6 years or so, I don't know why - most people believed it was due to the coffers being filled by the speed cameras. Then about a year ago motorists started complaining about the lack of police on the roads - they were correct, but why the hell would you complain about it? - and now they're everywhere.

    And they're worse then ever; once upon a time you could count on the odd warning, or a lesser fine than you should have got, but not any more.
  10. I tell you what; why don't you find out for us and get back and tell us :LOL: :LOL:.
  11. Will do Chief :p

    Yes sir, I was using full throttle in a 50 zone. No sir, I didn't want to, sir. Hornet600 made me do it!
  12. yeah a lot of the unmarked cars are left overs from apec. The christmas tree convoys that used to go zipping through the city were quite funny. Brand new ve ss's in every colour but white. I know what my local unmarked cars look like. Pays to remember em.
  13. I know the surveillance cops use sports bikes, quicker to get from A to B when following someone, and to pick up a cold lead. I wonder how long till they have unmarked sports bikes crusing places like the Putty. Probably have a manequin as a pillion, the whole sneaky thing at work.
  14. They change every 40k kms, don't get too attached to looking for one particular car, one year and they're gone typically.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I think unmarked cars are a load of BS - marked cars are much more of a detterent then some unmarked one.
    Unmarked cars are only good for staking out drug houses
  16. One of the points of unmarked cars is to reinforce the 'any car could be a cop' idea, that they could be anywhere and anyone. Marked presence is one thing as when you see them you slow down for the whole of 10 seconds. Its the unmarked ones which they believe will keep you permanently slower as you're in a paranoid state of wondering which cars around you might be cops. It has proven effective, and will continue to do so.. until someone goes on a killing spree :wink:

    But seriously, make with the killing spree, go my children! :LOL:
  17. Yeah mate I agree but you're missing the point, they don't want to deter you they want you to speed, overtake on double yellows, lane split, mono, burnout,
    So then they can fine you!!

    This is called revenue raising

    They shit me to tears :evil:
  18. even a Kia or barina or lancer or 66 selby cobra or rolls royce silver spirit or a volvo wagon, so be paranoid very paranoid

    by the way dont worry about those late model falcons and commodore's, dont think the popo will ever use them :?
  19. Yep, they call that Excessive acceleration.... Beleive me I found out the hard way lol
  20. It is revenue raising, whether they reason it is a deterrent measure or not and you just have to learn to spot them, just like the fixed speed camera here in VIC. But count you NSW guys lucky that you get warned when there is a fixed speed camera. On the flip side at least we dont get holiday double demerits.